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Advances in Aggregates and Armourstone Evaluation

Product Code: SPE13
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J.-P. Latham
Publication Date: 09 February 1998
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Special Engineering Publication 13

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This volume highlights a range of pressing research issues in natural construction materials. It is of direct relevance to the civilengineering industry, which faces growing pressures to sustain the natural and built environment while demanding a standardizedhigh-quality construction product across Europe. Advances In Aggregates And Armourstone Evaluation provides an authoritative selection of research papers includingoverviews and case histories. The book examines a range of aggregate and armourstone specifications and new tests, includingclear examples of how the statistical significance of test results can affect producers and users. Papers on rock sourceevaluation procedures and the opening of a new quarry are of particular practical value to engineering geologists serving theextractive industries. In addition, construction material availability, future demand and sustainability are examined, emphasizingnew data for marine sand and gravel, armourstone, shingle durability, and concrete made from alternative aggregates. The book contains North American and European research with international relevance. It will stimulate new ideas that feedinto the best practice of tomorrow’s engineering geologists.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-000-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-000-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 201
Weight: 0.76 kg


Section 1: Marine sand and gravel geology and resources Sources of sand and gravel on the Northern European Continental Shelf •Assessment of offshore sand and gravel bodies for dredging • The UK marine sand and gravel dredging industry: an application of Quaternary geology • The CIRIA research project on beach recharge materials • Section 2: Armourstone evaluation and shingle performance assessment • The outlook for rock armour and beach recharge • Assessment and specification of armourstone quality: from CIRIA/CUR (1991) to CEN (2000) • Meeting the demand for rock armour and its grading specification • A rock engineering rating system for assessing the suitability of armourstone • The opening and operation of the Pasir Panjang quarry: a dedicated armourstone quarry in the Malaysian jungle • Abrasion of a series of tracer materials on a gravel beach , Slapton Sands, Devon • Section 3: Aggregate testing and the use of alternative aggregates • Canadian experience with the micro-Deval test for aggregates • Assessing the wear characteristics of aggregate exposed at the road surface • Possible problems with high PSV aggregate of the gritstone trade group • A statistical study of aggregate testing data with respect to engineering judgement • An investigation of some alternative aggregates for use in concrete


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