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The Consummate Geoscientist: A Celebration of the Career of Maarten de Wit

Product Code: SP531
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.J. Hynes and J.B. Murphy
Publication Date: 03 October 2023
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Special Publications 531

This volume assembles a collection of papers on the application of plate-tectonic principles to the understanding of ancient orogens, in honour of Maarten de Wit, who was guided throughout his research career by such applications. It begins with a synthesis of the early history of subduction along the Laurentian margin of Iapetus and its correlations to northwestern European orogens, and follows with an example of Mesoproterozoic intracontinental orogens of the Paleoproterozoic supercontinent Nuna. There are several papers on the processes responsible for the 700-500 Ma assembly of Gondwana and of the peripheral orogens recorded in “peri-Gondwanan” terranes, and three studies of localized orogenesis in the late stages of Gondwana/Laurasia collision. Two papers present studies of the tectonic evolution of Middle America Terranes which abutted Panthalassa and thus record both Paleozoic and Mesozoic-Cenozoic histories. A final paper highlights the influence of Hans Keidel on Alexander du Toit, an early champion of continental drift and a key contributor to our understanding of African-South American correlations.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 1 October 2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205797
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 446
Weight: 1.2 kg



Hynes, A. J. Maarten de Wit – a Life Well Lived


Hynes, A. J. and Murphy, J. B. The consummate geoscientist: a celebration of the career of Maarten de Wit van Staal, C. R. and Dewey, J. F. A review and tectonic interpretation of the Taconian–Grampian tract between Newfoundland and Scotland: diachronous accretion of an extensive forearc–arc–backarc system to a hyperextended Laurentian margin and subsequent subduction polarity reversal

Pehrsson, S., Eglington, B., Rainbird, R., Regis, D., Ramaekers, P. and Jefferson, C. Extent and significance of the Racklan–Forward Orogen in Canada: far-field interior reactivation during Nuna assembly

Levin, V., Yuan, H. and Hynes, A. Continents never forget seismological record of lithospheric deformation 1 billion years ago

Craddock, J., Paulsen, T., da Silva Schmitt, R., Johnston, S. T., Myrow, P. M. and Hughes, N. C. The amalgamation of Gondwana: calcite twinning and finite strains from the early–late Paleozoic Buzios, Ross, Kurgiakh and Gondwanide orogens

Linol, B. and Dhansay, T. Brittle tectonic evolution of Gondwana: implications for shale-gas and groundwater exploration

Schmitt, R. da S., Trouw, R. A. J., Alves da Silva, E., de Jesus, J. V. M., da Costa, L. F. M. and Passarelli, C. R. The role of crustal-scale shear zones in SW Gondwana consolidation – transatlantic correlation

Archibald, D. B., Collins, A. S., Armistead, S. E., Foden, J. D., Payne, J. L. and Razakamanana, T. Zircon U–Pb, oxygen and hafnium isotopic characteristics of the Neoarchean–Paleoproterozoic Betsiboka Suite, Madagascar: tracing source to sink pathways in Proterozoic and Phanerozoic provenance studies

Murphy, J. B., Nance, R. D. and Wu, L. The provenance of Avalonia and its tectonic implications: a critical reappraisal

Dan, W., Murphy, J. B., Wang, Q., Zhang, X.-Z. and Tang, G.-J. Tectonic evolution of the Proto-Qiangtang Ocean and its relationship with the Palaeo-Tethys and Rheic oceans

Zhang, Y., Yu, X., Wang, Y., Qian, X., Gan, C., Ghani, A. A., Yu, Y. and Xu, C. Reconstructing the East Palaeo-Tethyan assemblage boundary in west Indonesia: constraints from Triassic granitoids in the Bangka and Belitung islands

Mo, J., Xia, X.-P., Zhou, M., Lai, C.-K., Cui, Z., Xu, J. and Aidoo, F. Detrital zircon U–Pb age constraints on the Meso-Tethys Ocean closure in SE Asia

Hodgin, E. B., Carlotto, V., Macdonald, F. A., Schmitz, M. D. and Crowley, J. L. New age constraints on the break-up of Rodinia and amalgamation of southwestern Gondwana from the Choquequirao Formation in southwestern Peru

Malay, B. C., Braid, J. A., Archibald, D. B. and McFarlane, C. R. M. Depositional environment and provenance of Early Carboniferous clastic sedimentary rocks at McIsaacs Point, Nova Scotia: implications for syntectonic basin development during the formation of Pangaea

Pereira, M. F., Dias da Silva, Í, Rodríguez, C., Corfu, F. and Castro, A. Visean high-K mafic–intermediate plutonic rocks of the Ossa–Morena Zone (SW Iberia): implications for regional extensional tectonics

Hynes, A. and Johnston, S. Palinspastic restoration of Variscan oroclines – implications for dextral transpression and terrane affinities

Freeborne, S. and Braid, J. A. Detrital zircon geochronology from the Nueva Segovia Schist, Nicaragua: evidence for the tectonic evolution of the Chortis Block?

Espejo-Bautista, G., Solari, L., Maldonado, R. and Ramírez-Calderón, M. Silurian to Cretaceous geological evolution of southern Mexico and its connection to the assembly and break-up of Western Equatorial Pangaea: geochronological constraints from the northern Sierra de Juárez Complex

Ramos, V. A. Hans Keidel and Alexander du Toit’s relationship and its impact on Wegener’s Continental Drift hypothesis




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