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Tectonic Development, Thermal History and Hydrocarbon Habitat Models of Transform Margins: their Differences from Rifted Margins

Product Code: SP524
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Nemčok, H. Doran, A. G. Doré, L. Ledvényiová and S. Rybár
Publication Date: 21 July 2023
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Special Publication 524

Transform margins form a significant portion of Earth’s continent–ocean transition and are integral to continental break-up, yet compared to other margins are poorly understood. This volume brings together new multidisciplinary research to document the structural, sedimentological and thermal evolution of transform margins, highlighting their relationship to continental structure, neighbouring oceanic segments, pull-apart basins and marginal plateaus. Special emphasis is given to the comparison of transform and rifted margins, and to the economic implications of transform margin structure and evolution. Transform case studies include the Agulhas–Falkland transform, Coromandal transform (East India), Davie margin and Limpopo transform (East Africa), Guyana transform margin, Demerara transform margin (Suriname), Romanche and St Paul transforms (equatorial Africa), Sagaing transform (Andaman Sea) and Zenith–Wallaby–Perth transform (West Australia). The broad-scale interplay between transform and rifted margin segments in the North and Central Atlantic, and Caribbean, is also examined.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 20 July 2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205711
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 426
Weight: 1.1 kg


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Nemčok, M., Doran, H., Doré, A. G., Ledvényiová, L., Rybár, S., Staniaszek, S. and Gontar, T. Tectonic development, thermal regimes and hydrocarbon habitat of transform margins, and their differences from rifted margins – an introduction

Rift Margins

Nemčok, M., Pospíšil, L., Melnik, A., Henk, A., Doré, A. G., Rybár, S., Sinha, S. T., Choudhuri, M., Sharma, S. P., Stuart, C. J., Welker, C., Sinha, N., Nuttall, P. and Venkatraman, S. Crust first–mantle second and mantle first–crust second; lithospheric break-up scenarios along the Indian margins

Araujo, M. N., Pérez-Gussinyé, M. and Muldashev, I. Oceanward rift migration during formation of Santos–Benguela ultra-wide rifted margins

Sinha, S. T. and Nemčok, M. Stretching–buoyancy interplay in the magma-poor rifting process

Lundin, E. R., Doré, A. G., Naliboff, J. and Van Wijk, J. Utilization of continental transforms in break-up: observations, models, and a potential link to magmatism

Nemčok, M. and Frost, B. Along-strike magma-poor/magma-rich spreading transitions

Transform margins

Morley, C. K., Chantraprasert, S., Chenoll, K., Sootlek, P. and Jitmahantakul, S. Interaction of thin-skinned detached faults and basement-involved strike-slip faults on a transform margin: the Moattama Basin, Myanmar

Balázs, A., Gerya, T., May, D. and Tari, G. Contrasting transform and passive margin subsidence history and heat flow evolution: insights from 3D thermo-mechanical modelling

Nemčok, M., Ledvényiová, L., Henk, A., Rybár, S., Sinha, S. T., Pospíšil, L., Mikuška, J., Jánošík, M., Csibri, T., Staniaszek, S., Baranowski, A. and Gontar, T. Early post-breakup kinematic adjustments of continental–oceanic transform fault zones: Cape Range, Coromandal and Romanche transform margin case study

Markwick, P. J., Paton, D. A. and Mortimer, E. J. Mapping the complexity of transform margins

Roche, V., Ringenbach, J.-C., Sapin, F. and Leroy, S. South and East African fracture zones: a long lifespan since the breakup of Gondwana

Paton, D. A., Mortimer, E. J., Markwick, P. J., Khan, J., Davids, A., Tshikovhi, R. and Van der Spuy, D. Coeval development of extensional and contractional features along transform margins: insights from the Diaz Marginal Ridge

Basile, C., Loncke, L., Roest, W. R., Graindorge, D., Klingelhoefer, F., Museur, T., Heuret, A., Lesourd-Laux, T. and Vetel, W. Initiation of transform continental margins: the Cretaceous margins of the Demerara plateau

Graindorge, D., Museur, T., Klingelhoefer, F., Roest, W. R., Basile, C., Loncke, L., Sapin, F., Heuret, A., Perrot, J., Marcaillou, B., Lebrun, J. F. and Déverchère, J. Deep structure of the Demerara Plateau and its two-fold tectonic evolution: from a volcanic margin to a transform marginal plateau, insights from the Conjugate Guinea Plateau

Trude, J., Kilsdonk, B., Grow, T. and Ott, B. The structure and tectonics of the Guyana Basin

Cronin, B. T., Nemčok, M. and Doran, H. Transform margin source–sink clastic deposystems



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