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Straits and Seaways: Controls, Processes and Implications in Modern and Ancient Systems

Product Code: SP523
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by V. M. Rossi, S. Longhitano, C. Olariu and F. Chiocci
Publication Date: 30 March 2023
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Special Publication 523

Straits and seaways are the key features that connect oceans, seas and lakes. They regulate water, sediment and biota exchanges, and influence local and global climate. A good understanding of the dynamic evolution of straits and seaways is therefore fundamental to accurately reconstruct the palaeogeography, tectonics, palaeoecology and stratigraphy of interconnected basins, the climate dynamics of Earth’s past as well as to exploit both conventional and renewable energy resources. This volume provides a comprehensive collection of articles dealing with both ancient and modern case studies, bringing together different but complementary disciplines, such as marine geology, process sedimentology and stratigraphy. With the contents encompassing the evolution, geomorphology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, oceanography and palaeogeography of straits and seaways, and their influence on climate, the book will be of interest to Earth scientists working in many fields.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 30/03/2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205704
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 530
Weight: 1.3 kg



Rossi, V. M., Longhitano, S. G., Olariu, C. and Chiocci, F. L. Straits and seaways: controls, processes and implications in modern and ancient systems

Dalrymple, R. W. A review of the morphology, physical processes and deposits of modern straits

Rossi, V. M., Longhitano, S. G., Olariu, C. and Chiocci, F. L. Straits and seaways: end members within the continuous spectrum of the dynamic connection between basins

Palcu, D. V. and Krijgsman, W. The dire straits of Paratethys: gateways to the anoxic giant of Eurasia

Bahr, A., Kaboth-Bahr, S. and Karas, C. The opening and closure of oceanic seaways during the Cenozoic: pacemaker of global climate change?

Andreucci, S., Santonastaso, A., De Luca, M., Cappucci, S., Cucco, A., Quattrocchi, G. and Pascucci, V. A shallow-water dunefield in a microtidal, wind-dominated strait (Stintino, NW Sardinia, Italy)

Deiana, G., Demurtas, V. and Orrù, P. E. Bedforms of Bonifacio Strait (Western Mediterranean): hydrodynamics, coastal outline, supply and sediment distribution

Çağatay, M. N., Eriş, K. K. and Erdem, Z. Morphology and Late Pleistocene–Holocene sedimentation of the Strait of Istanbul (Bosphorus): a review

Martorelli, E., Casalbore, D., Falcini, F., Bosman, A., Falese, F. G. and Chiocci, F. L. Large- and medium-scale morphosedimentary features of the Messina Strait: insights into bottom-current controlled sedimentation and interaction with downslope processes

Kang, W., Li, S., Gawthorpe, R. L., Ford, M., Collier, R. E. L., Yu, X., Janikian, L., Nixon, C. W., Hemelsdaël, R., Sergiou, S., Gillespie, J., Pechlivanidou, S. and De Gelder, G. Grain-size analysis of the Late Pleistocene sediments in the Corinth Rift: insights into strait-influenced hydrodynamics and provenance of an active rift basin

Caterina, B., Rubi, R. and Hubert-Ferrari, A. Stratigraphic architecture, sedimentology and structure of the Middle Pleistocene Corinth Canal (Greece)

Beelen, D., Wood, L. J., Zaghloul, M. N., Cardona, S. and Arts, M. Channel, dune and sand sheet architectures of a strait-adjacent delta, Rifian Corridor, Morocco

Folkestad, A. and Steel, R. J. A new interpretation for the Pliensbachian Cook Formation (northern North Sea) as north–south-prograding tidal deltas and shelf ridges in the Early Jurassic Seaway: new model of linkage to the Norwegian Sea

Dorsey, R. J., Braga, J. C., Gardner, K., McDougall, K. and O’Connell, B. Early Pliocene marine transgression into the lower Colorado River valley, southwestern USA, by re-flooding of a former tidal strait

Cavazza, W. and Longhitano, S. G. Palaeostrait tectonosedimentary facies during late Cenozoic microplate rifting and dispersal in the western Mediterranean

Puga-Bernabéu, Á, Braga, J. C., Aguirre, J. and Martín, J. M. Sedimentary dynamics and topographic controls on the tidal-dominated Zagra Strait, Early Tortonian, Betic Cordillera, Spain

Kalifi, A., Sorrel, P., Leloup, P.-H., Galy, A., Spina, V., Huet, B., Russo, S., Pittet, B. and Rubino, J.-L. Tectonic control on the palaeogeographical evolution of the Miocene Seaway along the Western Alpine foreland basin

Minor, K. P., Wroblewski, A., Steel, R. J., Olariu, C. and Crabaugh, J. P. Facies partitioning of fluvial, wave, and tidal influences across the shoreline-to-shelf architecture in the Western Interior Campanian Seaway, USA



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