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The Chalk Aquifers of Northern Europe

Product Code: SP517
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R.P. Farrell, N. Massei, A.E. Foley, P.R. Howlett, L.J. West
Publication Date: 26 September 2023
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Special Publication 517

The Cretaceous Chalk aquifers of Northern Europe underlie and support many sensitive ecosystems whilst at the same time being an important source of drinking water. Understanding, managing and protecting this valuable asset has always been a challenge and this volume brings together 25 papers representing current knowledge of the Chalk across a variety of thematic sections. The contributions look at aquifer properties, geology and karst; groundwater monitoring in the Chalk; groundwater management; groundwater-fed wetlands; engineering in the Chalk; heat and solute transport; diffuse pollution; and point source pollution. Geographically, the book includes studies undertaken in England, France, Belgium and Denmark. As well as academic papers, many of the chapters are practitioner focused and the editors hope that anyone working in Chalk groundwaters in Northern Europe, whether in academic, consultancy, water company or regulatory roles, will find this book an invaluable resource.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 1 September 2023

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205513
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 472
Weight: 1.2 kg




West, L. J., Farrell, R. P., Foley, A. E., Howlett, P. R. and Massei, N. An introduction to the chalk aquifers of northern Europe

Aquifer properties, geology and karst processes

Farrant, A. R., Maurice, L., Ballesteros, D. and Nehme, C. The genesis and evolution of karstic conduit systems in the Chalk

Maurice, L., Farrant, A. R., Mathewson, E. and Atkinson, T. Karst hydrogeology of the Chalk and implications for groundwater protection

Worthington, S. R. H. and Foley, A. E. Development of spatial permeability variations in English Chalk aquifers

Foley, A. E. and Worthington, S. R. H. Advances in conceptualizing transport in chalk aquifers

David, P.-Y., Pennequin, D., Charlier, J.-B., Ladouche, B., Meire, B., Feeny-Fereol, V., Helouin, S., Fournier, M., Riviere, C. and Sanson, G. Middle Risle River Critical Zone Observatory: monitoring karst-process evolution and its impact on surface water and on aquatic ecosystems

Mondain, P.-H. Example of a sinkhole landscaping project within the close protection area of a drinking water catchment at Saffré (France, Loire-Atlantique)

Marsili, A., Karapanos, I., Jaweesh, M., Yarker, D. R., Powers, E. M. and Sage, R. C. Artesian conditions in the Chilterns Chalk aquifer (NW of the London Basin) and the implications for surface water–groundwater interactions

Gaillard, T., Hoyez, B. and Hauchard, E. Contribution of stratigraphy to groundwater motion understanding in chalk: examples of karstogenic horizons of the Pointe de Caux, France

Groundwater monitoring

Farrell, R. P. and Whiteman, M. The Environment Agency Chalk groundwater level monitoring network in England

Henriksen, H. J., Nilsson, B., Ditlefsen, C., Troldborg, L. and Thorling, L. Groundwater level monitoring of Danish chalk and limestone aquifers to survey trends in quantitative status and groundwater resources

Groundwater management

Goderniaux, P., Orban, P., Rorive, A., Brouyère, S. and Dassargues, A. Study of historical groundwater level changes in two Belgian chalk aquifers in the context of climate change impacts

Hauchard, E., Turban, L. and Leclerq, E. The influence of geological structure on chalk karst aquifer function and its consequences for the protection of drinking-water supply; examples from Normandy, France

Bault, V., Gourcy, L., Cary, L., Winckel, A. and Bourgine, B. Characteristics of the chalk groundwater along the Picardy coast and its relationship with wetlands

Gaillard, T., Roux, J.-C. and Hauchard, E. The hydrogeological karstic chalk system of the Yport springs (Seine-Maritime, France): investigations and resource exploitation

Streetly, M., Bishop, S., Bradley, D. C. and Dunscombe, M. Managing public water supply abstraction from a Chalk aquifer to minimize risk of deterioration of ecological status

Groundwater-fed wetlands

Wetherell, A. Rivers, streams and wetlands – the Chalk and its water-dependent ecosystems

Whiteman, M., Farr, G., Haslam, A., Train, C., Kieboom, N., Farrell, R., Davison, P., Williams, H., Tang, S., Hall, J. and Jones, L. Source apportionment of nitrogen pressures at a Chalk-fed groundwater-dependent wetland

Engineering in the Chalk

Preene, M. and Roberts, T. Groundwater control for construction projects in chalk

Heat and solute transport

Gresselin, F., Dardaillon, B., Bordier, C., Parais, F. and Kauffmann, F. Use of statistical methods to characterize the influence of groundwater on the thermal regime of rivers in Normandy, France: comparison between the highly permeable, chalk catchment of the Touques River and the low permeability, crystalline rock catchment of the Orne River

Hoffmann, R., Goderniaux, P., Jamin, P., Orban, P., Brouyère, S. and Dassargues, A. Differentiated influence of the double porosity of the chalk on solute and heat transport

Diffuse pollution

Surdyk, N., Gourcy, L., Bault, V. and Baran, N. Nitrate transport in the chalk vadose zone in Picardy, France

Wilkinson, D. M. and Howe, S. The use of cover crops to reduce nitrate inputs to the Hampshire Chalk aquifer

Valdes, D., Chen, N., Dumont, M., Marlin, C., Blanchoud, H., Guérin, R., Guillemoteau, J., Alliot, F., Nespoulet, R., Aubry, E., Rouelle, M., Fauchard, C., Gombert, P. and Ribstein, P. Transfer of water and contaminants in the Chalk unsaturated zone – underground quarry of Saint-Martin-le-Noeud

Point source pollution

Dent, V., Dewhurst, R. E. and Dottridge, J. Understanding contaminant transport in Chalk from petroleum hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent contamination investigations

Cao, F., Jaunat, J. and Ollivier, P. A conceptual model of hydrogeological function and perchlorate transfer in the unconfined Champagne Chalk aquifer (NE France)




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