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Stable Isotope Studies of the Water Cycle and Terrestrial Environments

Product Code: SP507
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by: A-V. Bojar, A. Pelc and C. Lécuyer
Publication Date: 09 November 2021
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Special Publication 507

This volume is devoted to Earth surface environmental reconstructions and environmental changes that may be deciphered and modelled using stable isotopes along with mineralogical/chemical, sedimentological, palaeontological/biological and climatological methodologies. The book is divided into two sections, both using stable isotopes (dD, d18O, d13C, d15N, d34S, clumped isotopes D47in various samples and phases as the main research tool. The first section is devoted to studies focusing on the distribution of isotopes in precipitation, groundwater, lakes, rivers, springs, tap water, mine water and their relationship with terrestrial environments at regional to continental scale. In relation to this, the second section includes case studies from a range of continental settings, investigating cave deposits (stalagmites, bat guano), animal skeletons (dinosaurs, alligators, turtles, bivalves), present and past soils (palaeosols) and limestones. The sections focus on the interaction between the surficial water cycle and underground water storage with deposits acting as archives of short- to long-term climatic and environmental changes. Examples from the Early Cretaceous to present time come from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 28/10/2021.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204974
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 351
Weight: 0.96 kg



Bojar, A.-V., Pelc, A. and Lécuyer, C. Stable isotope studies of the water cycle and terrestrial environments: introduction

The water cycle

Lécuyer, C., Bojar, A.-V., Daux, V. and Legendre, S. Geographic variations in the slope of the δ2H–δ18O meteoric water line over Europe: a record of increasing continentality

Nagavciuc, V., Bădăluță, C.-A. and Ionita, M. The influence of the Carpathian Mountains on the variability of stable isotopes in precipitation and the relationship with large-scale atmospheric circulation

Daux, V., Minster, B., Cauquoin, A., Jossoud, O., Werner, M. and Landais, A. Oxygen and hydrogen isotopic composition of tap waters in France

Marche, B. M., Rashid, H. and Parkinson, D.-R. Correlation of seasonal precipitation isotopic profile with the modern climatological data: a case study from the western Newfoundland region of Canada

Varlam, C., Duliu, O. G., Ionete, R. E. and Costinel, D. Time series analysis of the δ2H, δ18O and dexcess values in correlation with monthly temperature, relative humidity and precipitation in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania: 2012–2018

Bojar, A.-V., Chmiel, S., Bojar, H.-P., Varlam, C. and Barbu, V. Hydrological system in Quaternary clastic deposits, Mehedinţi̧ County, Romania: isotope composition, chemistry and radiocarbon dating

Bădăluţă, C. A., Mihăilă, D., Mihăilă, D., Bădăluță, G. and Bistricean, P. I. Stable isotopic and geochemical characterization of precipitation and riverine waters in the Eastern Carpathians and links with large-scale drivers

Joshi, S. K., Rai, S. P. and Sinha, R. Understanding groundwater recharge processes in the Sutlej-Yamuna plain in NW India using an isotopic approach

Sironić, A., Bronić, I. K., Horvatinčić, N., Barešić, J., Borković, D., Vurnek, M. and Mikelić, I. L. Carbon isotopes in dissolved inorganic carbon as tracers of carbon sources in karst waters of the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Papp, D. C., Baciu, C., Turunen, K. and Kittilä, A. Applicability of selected stable isotopes to study the hydrodynamics and contaminant transport within mining areas in Romania and Finland

Terrestrial environments

Bojar, A.-V., Lécuyer, C., Duliu, O. G., Bojar, H.-P. and Fourel, F. Isotopic and time series investigations of recent stalagmites (1945–2018), Schlossberg tunnels, Graz, Austria: implications for climate change in Central Europe

Cleary, D. M. and Onac, B. P. Using ratios in cave guano to assess past environmental changes

Tabor, N. J., Jahren, A. H., Wyman, L., Feseha, M., Todd, L. and Kappleman, J. Stable isotope geochemistry of the modern Shinfa River, northwestern Ethiopian lowlands: a potential model for interpreting ancient environments of the Middle Stone Age

Bayat, O., Karimi, A. and Amundson, R. Stable isotope geochemistry of pedogenic carbonates in calcareous materials, Iran: a review and synthesis

Dias Veras, J. D., de Souza Neto, J. A., Sial, A. N., Ferreira, V. P. and Neumann, V. H. de M. L. Stable isotope and chemical stratigraphy of the Eocene Tambaba Formation: correlations with the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum event

Yamamura, D., Suarez, C. A., Titus, A. L., Manlove, H. M. and Jackson, T. Multiproxy approaches to investigating palaeoecology and palaeohydrology in the Upper Cretaceous Kaiparowits Formation, USA

Suarez, M. B., Knight, J. A., Godet, A., Ludvigson, G. A., Snell, K. E., Murphy, L. and Kirkland, J. I. Multiproxy strategy for determining palaeoclimate parameters in the Ruby Ranch Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation

Suarez, C. A., Frucci, M. N., Tompkins, T. B. and Suarez, M. B. Quantification of a North American greenhouse hydrological cycle: using oxygen isotopic composition of phosphate from Early Cretaceous (Aptian–Albian) turtles



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