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Himalayan Tectonics: A Modern Synthesis

Product Code: SP483
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P.J. Treloar and M.P. Searle
Publication Date: 08 October 2019
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Special Publication 483

The Himalaya–Karakoram–Tibet mountain belt resulted from Cenozoic collision of India and Asia and is frequently used as the type example of a continental collision orogenic belt. The last quarter of a century has seen the publication of a remarkably detailed dataset relevant to the evolution of this belt. Detailed fieldwork backed up by state-of-the-art structural analysis, geochemistry, mineral chemistry, igneous and metamorphic petrology, isotope chemistry, sedimentology and geophysics produced a wide-ranging archive of data-rich scientific papers. The rationale for this book is to provide a coherent overview of these datasets in addressing the evolution of the mountain ranges we see today.
This volume comprises 21 specially invited review papers on the Himalaya, Kohistan arc, Tibet, the Karakoram and Pamir ranges. These papers span the history of Himalayan research, chronology of the collision, stratigraphy, magmatic and metamorphic processes, structural geology and tectonics, seismicity, geophysics, and the evolution of the Indian monsoon. This landmark set of papers should underpin the next 25 years of Himalayan research.

Published online 24/09/2019. Print copies available from 09/10/2019.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204059
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 678
Weight: 1.3 kg


Dedication vii

Acknowledgements viii

SEARLE, M. P. & TRELOAR, P. J. Introduction to Himalayan tectonics: a modern synthesis

Timings and stratigraphy

SEARLE, M. P. Timing of subduction initiation, arc formation, ophiolite obduction and India–Asia collision in the Himalaya

MYROW, P. M., HUGHES, N. C. & MCKENZIE, N. R. Reconstructing the Himalayan margin prior to collision with Asia: Proterozoic and lower Paleozoic geology and its implications for

Cenozoic tectonics

GARZANTI, E. The Himalayan Foreland Basin from collision onset to the present: a sedimentary–petrology perspective

NW Himalaya

PETTERSON, M. G. The plutonic crust of Kohistan and volcanic crust of Kohistan–Ladakh, north Pakistan/India: lessons learned for deep and shallow arc processes

JAGOUTZ, O., BOUILHOL, P., SCHALTEGGER, U. & MÜNTENER, O. The isotopic evolution of the Kohistan Ladakh arc from subduction initiation to continent arc collision

O’BRIEN, P. J. Eclogites and other high-pressure rocks in the Himalaya: a review

BUTLER, R. W. H. Tectonic evolution of the Himalayan syntaxes: the view from Nanga Parbat

TRELOAR, P. J., PALIN, R. M. & SEARLE, M. P. Towards resolving the metamorphic enigma of the Indian Plate in the NW Himalaya of Pakistan

Nepal Himalaya

DYCK, B., ST-ONGE, M., SEARLE, M. P., RAYNER, N., WATERS, D. & WELLER, O. M. Protolith

lithostratigraphy of the Greater Himalayan Series in Langtang, Nepal: implications for the architecture of the northern Indian margin

CAROSI, R., MONTOMOLI, C., IACCARINO, S. & VISONÀ, D. Structural evolution, metamorphism and melting in the Greater Himalayan Sequence in central-western Nepal

WATERS, D. J. Metamorphic constraints on the tectonic evolution of the High Himalaya in Nepal: the art of the possible

KELLETT, D. A., COTTLE, J. M. & LARSON, K. P. The South Tibetan Detachment System: history, advances, definition and future directions

JESSUP, M. J., LANGILLE, J. M., DIEDESCH, T. F. & COTTLE, J. M. Gneiss Dome Formation in the Himalaya and southern Tibet


BILHAM, R. Himalayan earthquakes: a review of historical seismicity and early 21st century slip potential

PRIESTLEY, K., HO, T. & MITRA, S. The crustal structure of the Himalaya: A synthesis

Karakoram – Pamir – Tibet

METCALF, K. & KAPP, P. History of subduction erosion and accretion recorded in the Yarlung Suture Zone, southern Tibet

SEARLE, M. P. & HACKER, B. R. Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Karakoram and Pamir following India–Kohistan–Asia collision

ZHU, D.-C., WANG, Q., CHUNG, S.-L., CAWOOD, P. A. & ZHAO, Z.-D. Gangdese magmatism in southern Tibet and India–Asia convergence since 120 Ma

HE, J., KAPP, P., CHAPMAN, J. B., DECELLES, P. G. & CARRAPA, B. Structural setting and detrital zircon U–Pb geochronology of Triassic–Cenozoic strata in the eastern Central Pamir, Tajikistan

Monsoon system

CLIFT, P. D. & WEBB, A. A. G. A history of the Asian monsoon and its interactions with solid Earth tectonics in Cenozoic South Asia



Bernard Elgey Leake

This is a quite outstanding book of an extremely complicated region that is unreservedly recommended, giving a glimmer of what happened in the top levels of older orogenies, now lost forever by erosion.

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