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Multiple Roles of Clays in Radioactive Waste Confinement

Product Code: SP482
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. Norris, E.A.C Neeft, M. Van Geet
Publication Date: 05 August 2019
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Special Publication 482

This Special Publication highlights the importance of clays and clayey material, and their multiple roles, in many national geological disposal facilities for higher activity radioactive wastes. Clays can be both the disposal facility host rock and part of its intrinsic engineered barriers, and may be present in the surrounding geological environment. Clays possess various characteristics that make them high-quality barriers to the migration of radionuclides and chemical contaminants, e.g. very little water movement, diffusive transport, retention capacity, self-sealing capacity, stability over millions of years, homogeneity and lateral continuity.

The 20 papers presented in this Special Publication cover a range of topics related to clays in radioactive waste confinement. Aspects of clay characterization and behaviour at various temporal and spatial scales relevant to the confinement of radionuclides in clay are discussed, from phenomenological processes to the overall understanding of the performance and safety of geological disposal facilities.

Published online 09/07/2019. Print copies available from 05/08/2019.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-78620-404-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 367
Weight: 1 kg


NORRIS, S. Multiple roles of clays in radioactive waste confinement – introduction

RABAUTE, A., GARCIA, M. H. & BECKER, J. Identification of log units in clay rock formations based on local and spatial statistics of well-log properties: application to the Opalinus claystone in the Benken borehole

ALCOLEA RODRÍGUEZ, A., MARSCHALL, P., NUSSBAUM, C. & BECKER, J. K. Automatic interpretation of geophysical well logs

PAPAFOTIOU, A., SENGER, R., LI, C., SINGH, A., GARITTE, B., MÜLLER, H. & MARSCHALL, P. A prediction–evaluation approach to the full-scale emplacement experiment (FE) in Mont Terri

FEDOR, F., MÁTHÉ, Z., ÁCS, P. & KORONCZ, P. New results of Boda Claystone research: Genesis, mineralogy, geochemistry, petrophysics

LIU, X., LIU, P., DAI, C., LIU, S., DENG, J., ZHANG, W. & YU, Z. Site screening of clay formations in NW China as host rocks for a high-level radioactive waste disposal repository

PLAMPIN, M. R. & NEUZIL, C. E. Multiphase flow and underpressured shale at the Bruce nuclear site, Ontario, Canada

DAGHER, E. E., NGUYEN, T. S. & INFANTE SEDANO, J. A. Development of a mathematical model for gas migration (two-phase flow) in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste disposal

PAPAFOTIOU, A., NAMHATA, A., SINGH, A., WILLIAMS, M., JIGMOND, M. & MARSCHALL, P. A workflow for parametric sensitivity analysis of heat and gas release from a deep geological repository for SF/HLW

JO, M., ONO, M., NAKAYAMA, M., ASANO, H. & ISHII, T. A study of methods to prevent piping and erosion in buffer materials intended for a vertical deposition hole at the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory

SASAMOTO, H. & ONDA, S. Preliminary results for natural groundwater colloids in sedimentary rocks of the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory, Hokkaido, Japan

ISHII, T., KAWAKUBO, M., ASANO, H., KOBAYASHI, I., SELLIN, P., LUTERKORT, D. & ERIKSSON, P. A resistivity-based approach to determining the rates of groundwater seepage into buffer materials

GIOT, R., AUVRAY, C. & TALANDIER, J. Self-sealing of claystone under X-ray nanotomography

HOVING, A. L., MÜNCH, M. A., BRUGGEMAN, C., BANERJEE, D. & BEHRENDS, T. Kinetics of selenite interactions with Boom Clay: adsorption–reduction interplay

TSITSOPOULOS, V., BAXTER, S., HOLTON, D., DODD, J., WILLIAMS, S. & THOMPSON, S. Modelling the Prototype Repository

FINSTERLE, S., LANYON, B., ÅKESSON, M., BAXTER, S., BERGSTRÖM, M., BOCKGÅRD, N., DERSHOWITZ, W., DESSIRIER, B., FRAMPTON, A., FRANSSON, Å., GENS, A., GYLLING, B., HANČILOVÁ, I., HOLTON, D., JARSJÖ, J., KIM, J.-S., KRÖHN, K.-P., MALMBERG, D., PULKKANEN, V. M., SAWADA, A., SJÖLAND, A., SVENSSON, U., VIDSTRAND, P. & VISWANATHAN, H. Conceptual uncertainties in modelling the interaction between engineered and natural barriers of nuclear waste repositories in crystalline rocks

BAXTER, S., HOLTON, D., WILLIAMS, S. & THOMPSON, S. Predictions of the wetting of bentonite emplaced in a crystalline rock based on generic site characterization data

UYAMA, M., HITOMI, T., HAYAGANE, S., KADOTA, N., SAITO, H., OKAMOTO, S., AOSHIMA, K. & OSAWA, M. Analysis of corrosion mechanisms of carbon steel in contact with FEBEX bentonite 

LOMMERZHEIM, A., JOBMANN, M., MELESHYN, A., MRUGALLA, S., RÜBEL, A. & STARK, L. Safety concept, FEP catalogue and scenario development as fundamentals of a long-term safety demonstration for high-level waste repositories in German clay formations

LOPES, B. DE C. F. L., SACHET, C., SENTENAC, P., BENEŠ, V., DICK, P., BERTRAND, J. & TARANTINO, A. Preliminary non-intrusive geophysical electrical resistivity tomography surveys of a mock-up scale monitoring of an engineered barrier system at URL Tournemire

DIXON, D., PRIYANTO, D., HANSEN, J., FARHOUD, R. & ŽIVKOVIĆ, A. The Enhanced Sealing Project (ESP): 2009–17 monitoring of a full-scale shaft seal installed in granitic rock



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