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Volcanism and Tectonism Across the Inner Solar System

Product Code: SP401
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T. Platz, M. Massironi, P.K. Byrne and H. Hiesinger
Publication Date: 05 January 2015
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Special Publication 401.

Volcanism and tectonism are the dominant endogenic means by which planetary surfaces change. This book aims to encompass the broad range in character of volcanism, tectonism, faulting and associated interactions observed on planetary bodies across the inner solar system - a region that includes Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars and asteroids. The diversity and breadth of landforms produced by volcanic and tectonic processes is enormous, and varies across the inner solar system bodies. As a result, the selection of prevailing landforms and their underlying formational processes that are described and highlighted in this volume are but a primer to the expansive field of planetary volcanism and tectonism. This Special Publication features 22 research articles about volcanic and tectonic processes manifest across the inner solar system.

Print copy available from 5 January 2015. Published online 14 January 2015.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-632-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 448
Weight: 1.2 kg



Platz, T., Byrne, P. K., Massironi, M. & Hiesinger, H. Volcanism and tectonism across the inner solar system: an overview

Mancinelli, P., Minelli, F., Mondini, A., Pauselli, C. & Federico, C. A downscaling approach for geological characterization of the Raditladi basin of Mercury

Lang, N. P. & López, I. The magmatic evolution of three Venusian coronae

Ghail, R. C. & Wilson, L. A pyroclastic flow deposit on Venus

Meyzen, C. M., Massironi, M., Pozzobon, R. & Dal Zilio, L. Are terrestrial plumes from motionless plates analogues to Martian plumes feeding the giant shield volcanoes?

Morota, T., Ishihara, Y., Sasaki, S., Goossens, S., Matsumoto, K., Noda, H., Araki, H., Hanada, H., Tazawa, S., Kikuchi, F., Ishikawa, T., Tsuruta, S., Kamata, S., Otake, H., Haruyama, J. & Ohtake, M. Lunar mare volcanism: lateral heterogeneities in volcanic activity and relationship with crustal structure

Carli, C., Serventi, G. & Sgavetti, M. VNIR spectral characteristics of terrestrial igneous effusive rocks: mineralogical composition and the influence of texture

Ferrari, S., Massironi, M., Marchi, S., Byrne, P. K., Klimczak, C., Martellato, E. & Cremonese, G. Age relationships of the Rembrandt basin and Enterprise Rupes, Mercury

Lopes, F. C., Caselli, A. T., Machado, A. & Barata, M. T. The development of the Deception Island volcano caldera under control of the Bransfield Basin sinistral strike-slip tectonic regime (NW Antarctica)

Byrne, P. K., Holohan, E. P., Kervyn, M., van Wyk de Vries, B. & Troll, V. R. Analogue modelling of volcano flank terrace formation on Mars

Pozzobon, R., Mazzarini, F., Massironi, M. & Marinangeli, L. Self-similar clustering distribution of structural features on Ascraeus Mons (Mars): implications for magma chamber depth

McGovern, P. J., Grosfils, E. B., Galgana, G. A., Morgan, J. K., Rumpf, M. E., Smith, J. R. & Zimbelman, J. R. Lithospheric flexure and volcano basal boundary conditions: keys to the structural evolution of large volcanic edifices on the terrestrial planets

Grosfils, E. B., McGovern, P. J., Gregg, P. M., Galgana, G. A., Hurwitz, D. M., Long, S. M. & Chestler, S. R. Elastic models of magma reservoir mechanics: a key tool for investigating planetary volcanism

Massironi, M., Di Achille, G., Rothery, D. A., Galluzzi, V., Giacomini, L., Ferrari, S., Zusi, M., Cremonese, G. & Palumbo, P. Lateral ramps and strike-slip kinematics on Mercury

Giacomini, L., Massironi, M., Marchi, S., Fassett, C. I., Di Achille, G. & Cremonese, G. Age dating of an extensive thrust system on Mercury: implications for the planet’s thermal evolution

Galluzzi, V., Di Achille, G., Ferranti, L., Popa, C. & Palumbo, P. Faulted craters as indicators for thrust motions on Mercury

Harris, L. B. & Bédard, J. H. Interactions between continent-like ‘drift’, rifting and mantle flow on Venus: gravity interpretations and Earth analogues

Barata, M. T., Lopes, F. C., Pina, P., Alves, E. I. & Saraiva, J. Automatic detection of wrinkle ridges in Venusian Magellan imagery

Nahm, A. L. & Schultz, R. A. Rupes Recta and the geological history of the Mare Nubium region of the Moon: insights from forward mechanical modelling of the ‘Straight Wall’

Wyrick, D. Y., Morris, A. P., Todt, M. K. & Watson-Morris, M. J. Physical analogue modelling of Martian dyke-induced deformation

Guallini, L., Pauselli, C., Brozzetti, F. & Marinangeli, L. Physical modelling of large-scale deformational systems in the South Polar Layered Deposits (Promethei Lingula, Mars): new geological constraints and climatic implications

Buczkowski, D. L. & Wyrick, D. Y. Tectonism and magmatism identified on asteroids




David Edwards

This is an important yet challenging publication that for non-experts like me, requires a lot of lateral investigation. There are unexpected rewards.

The book contains a valuable 57-page overview followed by 27 geological articles – all fully referenced. The overview is a welcome explanatory primer for the articles that follow.

Featured in Geoscientist vol 27/5 June 2017

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