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Advances in Carbonate Exploration and Reservoir Analysis

Product Code: SP370
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. Garland, J.E. Neilson, S.E. Laubach & K.J. Whidden
Publication Date: 29 November 2012
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Special Publication 370

Carbonate reservoirs contain an increasingly important percentage of the world’s hydrocarbon reserves. This volume presents key recent advances in carbonate exploration and reservoir analysis. As well as a comprehensive overview of the trends in carbonate over the years, the volume focuses on four key areas:
(1) emerging plays and techniques with special reference to lacustrine plays in syn-rift basins and development of super-giant heavy oil plays
(2) improved reservoir characterization with examples from the Middle East and Europe and case studies of how outcrop analogues can provide key data for input to geological models
(3) impact of fractures and faults in carbonates contributors highlight the need for integrated structural and diagenetic approaches in order to understand how fractures evolve as fluid-flow conduits
(4) advances in geomodelling of carbonate reservoirs several papers discuss the application of new and innovative geomodelling and geostatistical techniques to carbonate reservoirs.


Published online 29/11/2012. Print copy available from 11/01/2013.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-350-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 310
Weight: 0.95 kg


GARLAND, J., NEILSON, J., LAUBACH, S. E. & WHIDDEN, K. J., Advances in carbonate exploration and reservoir analysis

BURCHETTE, T. P., Carbonate rocks and petroleum reservoirs: a geological perspective from the industry 

WRIGHT, V. P., Lacustrine carbonates in rift settings: the interaction of volcanic and microbial processes on carbonate deposition

MACHEL, H. G., BORRERO, M. L., DEMBICKI, E., HUEBSCHER, H., PING, L. & ZHAO, Y., The Grosmont: the world’s largest unconventional oil reservoir hosted in carbonate rocks

DEWIT, J., HUYSMANS, M., MUCHEZ, Ph., HUNT, D. W., THURMOND, J. B., VERGES, J., SAURA, E., FERNANDEZ, N., ROMAIRE, I., ESESTIME, P. & SWENNEN, R., Reservoir characteristics of fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomite bodies: Ramales Platform case study

PALERMO, D., AIGNER, T., SEYFANG, B. & NARDON, S., Reservoir properties and petrophysical modelling of carbonate sand bodies: outcrop analogue study in an epicontinental basin (Triassic, Germany) 

AL-QAYIM, B. & OTHMAN, D., Reservoir characterization of an intra-orogenic Carbonates platform: Pila Spi Formation, Taq Taq oil field, Kurdistan, Iraq

JACQUEMYN, C., SWENNEN, R. & RONCHI, P., Mechanical stratigraphy and (palaeo-) karstification of the Murge area (Apulia, southern Italy) 

HOOKER, J. N., GOMEZ, L. A., LAUBACH, S. E., GALE, J. F. W. & MARRETT, R. Effects of diagenesis (cement precipitation) during fracture opening on fracture aperture-size scaling in carbonate rocks

IRIARTE, E., LóPEZ-HORGUE, M. A., SCHROEDER, S. & CALINE, B. Interplay between fracturing and hydrothermal fluid flow in the Asón Valley hydrothermal dolomites (Basque–Cantabrian Basin, Spain) 

JANSON, X. & MADRIZ, D. D., Geomodelling of carbonate mounds using two-point and multipoint statistics

FOURNILLON, A., ABELARD, S., VISEUR, S., ARFIB, B. & BORGOMANO, J., Characterization of karstic networks by automatic extraction of geometrical and topological parameters: comparison between observations and stochastic simulations 

LALLIER, F., CAUMON, G., BORGOMANO, J., VISEUR, S., FOURNIER, F., ANTOINE, C. & GENTILHOMME, T., Relevance of the stochastic stratigraphic well correlation approach for the study of complex carbonate settings: application to the Malampaya buildup (Offshore Palawan, Philippines)

JUNG, A., AIGNER, T., PALERMO, D., NARDON, S. & PONTIGGIA, M., A new workflow for carbonate reservoir modelling based on MPS: shoal bodies in outcrop analogues (Triassic, SW Germany) 

COLLON-DROUAILLET, P., HENRION, V. & PELLERIN, J., An algorithm for 3D simulation of branchwork karst networks using Horton parameters and  Application to a synthetic case



B.K. Sahu, Emeritus Professor, Bombay

This timely volume dealing with recent techniques in exploration and analysis of carbonate reservoirs assumes a great importance to oil industries as well as academics as these contain nearly 60% of total hydrocarbon reserves. Besides the excellent Introduction by the editors, (Chapter 1) and subsequent comprehensive summary on carbonate petroleum reservoirs (Burchette, Chapter 2), it contains 13 other chapters on different topics by various expert authors that are informative, useful and of lasting value.

I congratulate the editors, all authors and the publisher for this wonderful addition to the literature on carbonate reservoirs and modelling. Hence, I strongly and whole-heartedly recommend it to librarians of leading oil companies and research institutes to buy a copy.

Review featured in AAPG Bulletin v. 99 no. 8 August 2105

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