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Natural Hazards in the Asia-Pacific Region: Recent Advances and Emerging Concepts

Product Code: SP361
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J P Terry and J Goff
Publication Date: 11 January 2012
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Even a cursory glance at any map of the Asia–Pacific region makes a striking impression: in addition to the large continental landmass the region encompasses a truly vast expanse of ocean, dispersed over which are thousands of islands. Many might say that it could not be a worse time to live in this region. In the past few years we have experienced not only a number of devastating tsunamis (Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Japan), but should not forget either the seemingly endless list of other natural hazards such as tropical cyclones and typhoons, volcanic eruptions, river floods and wildfires, amongst numerous others. This Special Publication represents an important collection of both conceptual and first-hand field investigations across the Asia–Pacific region. By highlighting some of the recent advances and emerging ideas in natural hazards research, the volume draws together these disparate lines of evidence into a clear regional focus.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-339-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-339-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 232
Weight: 0.85 kg


GOFF, J. R. & TERRY, J. P. Living with natural hazards in the Asia–Pacific region
TERRY, J. P. & GOFF, J. R. The special vulnerability of Asia–Pacific islands to natural hazards
LIM, H. S. & BOOCHABUN, K. Flood generation during the SW monsoon season in northern Thailand
ETIENNE, S. Marine inundation hazards in French Polynesia: geomorphic impacts of Tropical Cyclone Oli in February 2010
SU, C.-C., TSENG, J.-Y., HSU, H.-H., CHIANG, C.-S., YU, H.-S., LIN, S. & LIU, J. T. Records of submarine natural hazards off SW Taiwan
SWITZER, A. D., SRINIVASALU, S., THANGADURAI, N. & MOHAN, V. R. Bedding structures in Indian tsunami deposits that provide clues to the dynamics of tsunami inundation
GIACHETTI, T., PARIS, R., KELFOUN, K. & ONTOWIRJO, B. Tsunami hazard related to a flank collapse of Anak Krakatau Volcano, Sunda Strait, Indonesia
JOHNSTON, J. B., BIRD, D. K., GOFF, J. R.&DUDLEY, W. C. An examination of hazard communication logs and public response during the 1946 and 1960 tsunamis that impacted Hilo, Hawaii
ZIEGLER, A. D., SIDLE, R. C., SONG, M. S., ANG, Z. J. & DUANGNAMON, D. Towards better design and management of tsunami evacuation routes: a case study of Ao Jak Beach Road
TARBOTTON, C., DOMINEY-HOWES, D., GOFF, J. R., PAPATHOMA-KOHLE, M., DALL’OSSO, F. & TURNER, I. L. GIS-based techniques for assessing the vulnerability of buildings to tsunami: current approaches and future steps
WONG, P. P. Impacts, recovery and resilience of Thai tourist coasts to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
WINSPEAR, N., MUSULIN, R. & SHARMA, M. Earthquake catastrophe models in disaster response planning, risk mitigation and financing in developing countries in Asia
LAGMAY, A. M. F., RODOLFO, R., CABRIA, H., SORIA, J., ZAMORA, P., ABON, C., LIT, C., LAPUS, M. R. T., PAGUICAN, E., BATO, M. G., TIU, G., OBILLE, E., PELLEJERA, N. E., FRANCISCO, P. C., ECO, R. N. & AVISO, J. Geological hazards of SW Natib Volcano, site of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, the Philippines
MEI, E. T.W. & LAVIGNE, F. Influence of the institutional and socio-economic context for responding to disasters: case study of the 1994 and 2006 eruptions of the Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
FENG, C.-C. & TERRY, J. P. Exploratory spatial analysis of typhoon characteristics in the North Pacific basin
GIENKO, G. A. & TERRY, J. P. Geovisualization of tropical cyclone behaviour in the South Pacific
GOFF, J. R., CHAGUÉ-GOFF, C. & TERRY, J. P. The value of a Pacific-wide tsunami database to risk reduction: putting theory into practice


Review by P Tarolli

University Of Padova, Italy

Published in "Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS)" vol 13 2013

All the collected papers are generally well written, and illustrated with numerous clear colour photographs, tables and maps. The readers will find these very easy to read, but this is not the real reason to buy the book.

The real addressed values of this volume are (1) The region of the earth considered for the discussed topic; the Asia–Pacific region is probably one of the most vulnerable areas in the world, and the trending scenarios on the natural hazards rising due to climate change will probably increase its vulnerability; (2) The multidisciplinary approach given for the analysis and mitigation of natural hazards, which can be achieved through GIS, modelling, analysis of historical records, survivor interviews, and the effectiveness of mitigation measures.

Overall this is a book that a student, scholar, or member of any public authority should have in the library. I strongly recommend buying it, since it draw attention to a highly vulnerable region of our planet, and it represents a basis upon which the scientific community, technicians, and politics could improve the solutions for a better understanding and management of the natural hazards in the Asia–Pacific Region.

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