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Fjord Systems and Archives

Product Code: SP344
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J A Howe, W E N Austin, M Forwick and M Paetzel
Publication Date: 06 January 2011
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Fjords are glacially over-deepened, semi-enclosed marine basins, but are often neglected as a sedimentary realm. They represent the transition from the terrestrial to the marine environment and as such have the potential to preserve evidence of environmental change.
Typically most fjords have been glaciated a number of times and some high-latitude fjords still possess a resident glacier. The stratigraphic record in fjords largely preserves a glacial–deglacial cycle of deposition. Sheltered water and high sedimentation rates potentially make fjords ideal depositional environments for preserving continuous records of climate and environmental change with high temporal resolution. Fjords are also referred to as miniature oceans providing the unique opportunity to study marine processes in great detail. With predictions of warming climates, changing ocean circulation and rising sea levels, this volume is a timely look at these environmentally sensitive coastlines.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-312-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-312-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 392
Weight: 1.05 kg


TVERBERG, V., HAUGAN, P. M. & GAMMELSROD, T. Dedication to Harald Svendsen

AUSTIN, W. E. N., HOWE, J. A., FORWICK, M. & PAETZEL, M. Fjord systems and archives: an introduction

HOWE, J. A., AUSTIN, W. E. N., FORWICK, M., PAETZEL, M., HARLAND, R. & CAGE, A. G. Fjord systems and archives: a review


INALL, M. E. & GILLIBRAND, P. A. The physics of mid-latitude fjords: a review

COTTIER, F. R., NILSEN, F., SKOGSETH, R., TVERBERG, V., SKARÐHAMAR, J. & SVENDSEN, H. Arctic fjords: a review of the oceanographic environment and dominant physical processes

SKARÐHAMAR, J. & SVENDSEN, H. Short-term hydrographic variability in a stratified Arctic fjord


HOWE, J. A., HARLAND, R., COTTIER, F. R., BRAND, T., WILLIS, K. J., BERGE, J. R., GRØSFJELD, K. & ERIKSSON, A. Dinoflagellate cysts as proxies for palaeoceanographic conditions in Arctic fjords

HARLAND, R., NORDBERG, K. & FILIPSSON, H. L. A major change in the dinoflagellate cyst flora of Gullmar Fjord, Sweden, at around 1969/1970 and its possible explanation

AUSTIN, W. E. N. & CAGE, A. G. High benthic foraminiferal species counts in a Clyde Sea maerl bed, western Scotland

Modern sediment processes

TRUSEL, L. D., POWELL, R. D., CUMPSTON, R. M. & BRIGHAM-GRETTE, J. Modern glacimarine processes and potential future behaviour of Kronebreen and Kongsvegen polythermal tidewater glaciers, Kongsfjorden, Svalbard

LOH, P. S., REEVES, A. D., MILLER, A. E. J., HARVEY, S. M. & OVERNELL, J. Sediment fluxes and carbon budgets in Loch Creran, western Scotland

Sediments and depositional architecture

OVEREEM, I. & SYVITSKI, J. P. M. Experimental exploration of the stratigraphy of fjords fed by glaciofluvial systems

DALLIMORE, A. & JMIEFF, D. G. Canadian west coast fjords and inlets of the NE Pacific Ocean as depositional archives

FORWICK, M., VORREN, T. O., HALD, M., KORSUN, S., ROH, Y., VOGT, C. & YOO, K.-C. Spatial and temporal influence of glaciers and rivers on the sedimentary environment in Sassenfjorden and Tempelfjorden, Spitsbergen

MACLACHLAN, S. E., HOWE, J. A. & VARDY, M. E. Morphodynamic evolution of Kongsfjorden–Krossfjorden, Svalbard, during the Late Weichselian and Holocene

BAETEN, N. J., FORWICK, M., VOGT, C. & VORREN, T. O. Late Weichselian and Holocene sedimentary environments and glacial activity in Billefjorden, Svalbard

STOKER, M. S., WILSON, C. R., HOWE, J. A., BRADWELL, T. & LONG, D. Paraglacial slope instability in Scottish fjords: examples from Little Loch Broom, NW Scotland

Depositional archives and palaeoenvironments

HASS, H. C., KUHN, G., MONIEN, P., BRUMSACK, H.-J. & FORWICK, M. Climate fluctuations during the past two millennia as recorded in sediments from Maxwell Bay, South Shetland Islands, West Antarctica

FILIPSSON, H. L. & NORDBERG, K. Variations in organic carbon flux and stagnation periods during the last 2400 years in a Skagerrak fjord basin, inferred from benthic foraminiferal d13C

PAETZEL, M. & DALE, T. Climate proxies for recent fjord sediments in the inner Sognefjord region, western Norway

SKIRBEKK, K., KRISTENSEN, D. K., RASMUSSEN, T. L., KOC_, N. & FORWICK, M. Holocene climate variations at the entrance to a warm Arctic fjord: evidence from Kongsfjorden trough, Svalbard

MCINTYRE, K. L. & HOWE, J. A. Scottish west coast fjords since the last glaciation: a review

CUNDILL, P. R. & AUSTIN, W. E. N. Pollen analysis of Holocene sediments from Loch Etive, a Scottish fjord

MOKEDDEM, Z., BALTZER, A., GOUBERT, E. & CLET-PELLERIN, M. A multiproxy palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of Loch Sunart (NW Scotland) since the Last Glacial Maximum

BALTZER, A., BATES, R., MOKEDDEM, Z., CLET-PELLERIN, M., WALTER-SIMONNET, A.-V., BONNOT-COURTOIS, C. & AUSTIN, W. E. N. Using seismic facies and pollen analyses to evaluate climatically driven change in a Scottish sea loch (fjord) over the last 20 ka



Anna Hughes

........ essential reading for those interested in the post-LGM and Holocene climatic history of the fjords of Scotland and Svalbard, this multidisci¬plinary compilation has much to entice those interested in gaining a deeper insight into the past and future of these spectacular land¬scape features.

Witold Szczuciński, Featured on Geologos website

Altogether, I think that the book contains a wealth of interesting data and information. The various contributions reflect the recent advances and trends in modern fjord research, including the development and widespread application of new techniques for sea-floor mapping, as well as various proxies for the reconstruction of environmental and climate change. The results often show that fjords, frequently referred as simple systems, are actually fairly complex. Despite several reviews, the book is not a complete and comprehensive fjord monograph, however, and several important fields – for instance biology and ecology – are underrepresented.

Many of the contributions to the book will be of interest for geologists and researchers in other disciplines (e.g. biology, ecology, climatology) working in modern fjord and estuarine environments. The book is also a valuable source of information for all the scientists engaged in climate and environmental palaeorecords. The combination of good review articles and high-quality multi-approach original studies makes the book useful, not only for active scientists but also for advanced students.

Witold Szczuciński, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

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