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Advances in Interpretation of Geological Processes: Refinement of Multi-scale Data and Integration in Numerical Modelling

Product Code: SP332
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M I Spalla, A M Marotta and G Gosso
Publication Date: 30 April 2010
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Iterative comparison of analytical results and natural observations with predictions of numerical models improves interpretation of geological processes. Further refinements derive from wide-angle comparison of results from various scales of study. In this volume, advances from field, laboratory and modelling approaches to tectonic evolution - from the lithosphere to the rock scale - are compared. Constructive use is made of apparently discrepant or non-consistent results from analytical or methodological approaches in processing field or laboratory data, P-T estimates, absolute or relative age determinations of tectonic events, tectonic unit size in crustal-scale deformation, grain-scale deformation processes, various modelling approaches, and numerical techniques.
Advances in geodynamic modelling critically depend on new insights into grain- and subgrain-scale deformation processes. Conversely, quantitative models help to identify which rheological laws and parameters exert the strongest control on multi-scale deformation up to lithosphere and upper mantle scale.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-295-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-295-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 240
Weight: 0.80 kg



VILLA, I. M. Disequilibrium textures versus equilibrium modelling: geochronology at the Crossroads

FORSTER, M. A. & LISTER, G. S. Argon enters the retentive zone: reassessment of diffusion parameters for K-feldspar in the South Cyclades Shear Zone, Ios, Greece

MAMTANI, M. A. & GREILING, R. O. Serrated quartz grain boundaries, temperature and strain rate: testing fractal techniques in a syntectonic granite

PEZZINO, A. & PUNTURO, R. Microstructure and elastic anisotropy of naturally deformed leucogneiss from a shear zone in Montalto (southern Calabria, Italy)

WATANABE, T. Geometry of intercrystalline brine in plastically deforming halite rocks: inference from electrical resistivity

ZUCALI, M., BARBERINI, V., CHATEIGNER, D., OULADDIAF, B. & LUTTEROTTI, L. Brittle plus plastic deformation of gypsum aggregates experimentally deformed in torsion to high strains: quantitative microstructural and textural analysis from optical and diffraction data

BAUMANN, C., GERYA, T. V. & CONNOLLY, J. A. D. Numerical modelling of spontaneous slab breakoff dynamics during continental collision

GARDI, A., BAIZE, S. & SCOTTI, O. Present-day vertical isostatic readjustment of the Western Alps revealed by numerical modelling and geodetic and seismotectonic data

SPLENDORE, R., MAROTTA, A. M., BARZAGHI, R., BORGHI, A. & CANNIZZARO, L. Block model versus thermomechanical model: new insights on the present-day regional deformation in the surroundings of the Calabrian Arc

MEDA, M., MAROTTA, A.M. & SPALLA, M. I. The role of mantle hydration in continental crust recycling in the wedge region

SALVI, F., SPALLA, M. I., ZUCALI, M. & GOSSO, G. Three-dimensional evaluation of fabric evolution and metamorphic reaction progress in polycyclic and polymetamorphic terrains: a case from the Central Italian Alps

HOBBS, B. E., ORD, A., SPALLA,M. I., GOSSO, G. & ZUCALI,M. The interaction of deformation and metamorphic reactions



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