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Global Neoproterozoic Petroleum Systems: The Emerging Potential in North Africa

Product Code: SP326
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J Craig, J W Thurow, B Thusu, A G Whitham & Y Abutarruma
Publication Date: 16 November 2009
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Special Publication 326

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Worldwide, Neoproterozoic successions are major hydrocarbon producers. In North Africa, large basins with significant surface outcrops and thick sedimentary fills are widespread. These basins are now emerging as potential sources of hydrocarbons and are attracting interest both from geological researchers and the oil and gas industry.

This volume focuses on recent developments in the understanding and correlation of North African basin fills and explores novel approaches to prospecting for source and reservoir rocks. The papers cover aspects of petroleum prospectivity and age-equivalent global petroleum systems, Neoproterozoic tectonics and palaeogeography, sequence stratigraphy, glacial events and global climatic models, faunal and floral evolution and the deposition of early source rocks.

The broader aim is to compare with, and learn from, well-studied Neoproterozoic successions globally, including major environmental change, the emergence of life, the global carbon cycle and implications for hydrocarbon exploration.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-287-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-287-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 320
Weight: 0.91 kg



Global Neoproterozoic petroleum systems: the emerging potential in North Africa, J Craig, J Thurow, B Thusu, A Whitham & Y Abutarruma

Neoproterozoic timescales and stratigraphy, A G Smith

Macroevolutionary turnover through the Ediacaran transition: ecological and biogeochemical implications, N J Butterfield

Late Proterozoic plate tectonics and palaeogeography: a tale of two supercontinents, Rodinia and Pannotia, C R Scotese

187Re–187Os geochronology of Precambrian organic-rich sedimentary rocks, B Kendall, R A Creaser & D Selby

Global Infracambrian petroleum systems: a review, K A R Ghori, J Craig, B Thusu, S Lüning & M Geiger

Neoproterozoic–Early Cambrian (Infracambrian) hydrocarbon prospectivity of North Africa: a synthesis, F Lottaroli, J Craig & B Thusu

Infracambrian hydrocarbon source rock potential and petroleum prospectivity of NW Africa, S Lüning, S Kolonic, M Geiger, B Thusu, J S Bell & J Craig

Infracambrian sediments in Libyan sedimentary basins, H Benshati, A Khoja & M Sola

Field-based investigations of an ‘Infracambrian’ clastic succession in SE Libya and itsbearing on the evolution of the Al Kufrah Basin, D P Le Heron, J P Howard, A M Alhassi, L Anderson, A Morton & C M Fanning

Distribution of Infracambrian rocks and the hydrocarbon potential within the Murzuq and Al Kufrah basins, NW Africa, A Aziz & S Ghnia

Infracambrian petroleum play elements of the NE Taoudenni Basin (Algeria), A Rahmani, A Goucem, S Boukhallat & N Saadallah

Upper Vendian-lowest Ordovician sequences of the western Gondwana margin, NE Spain, J A Gámez Vintaned, U Schmitz & E Liñán

Potential for oil and gas in the Proterozoic carbonates (Sirban Limestone) of Jammu, northern India, G M Bhat, G Ram & S Koul

Late Cryogenian (Neoproterozoic) glacial and post-glacial successions at the southern margin of the Congo Craton, northern Namibia: facies, palaeogeography and hydrocarbon perspective, T Bechstädt, H Jäger, G Spence & G Werner

The ‘Infracambrian System’in the southwestern margin of Gondwana, southern South America, J C Hlebszevitsch, I Gebhard, C E Cruz & V Consoli



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