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Tectonic Aspects of the Alpine-Dinaride-Carpathian System

Product Code: SP298
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S Siegesmund, B Fuegenschuh and N Froitzheim
Publication Date: 27 June 2008
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The Alps, Carpathians and Dinarides form a complex, highly curved and strongly coupled orogenic system. Motions of the European and Adriatic plates gave birth to a number of ‘oceans’ and microplates that led to several distinct stages of collision. Although the Alps serve as a classical example of collisional orogens, it becomes clearer that substantial questions on their evolution can only be answered in the Carpathians and Dinarides. Our understanding of the geodynamic evolution of the Alpine-Dinaride-Carpathian System has substantially improved and will continue to develop; this is thanks to collaboration between eastern and western Europe, but also due to the application of new methods and the launch of research initiatives.

The largely field-based contributions investigate the following subjects: pre-Alpine heritage and Alpine reactivation; Mesozoic palaeogeography and Alpine subduction and collision processes; extrusion tectonics from the Eastern Alps to the Carpathians and the Pannonian Basin; orogen-parallel and orogen-perpendicular extension; record of orogeny in foreland basins; tectonometamorphic evolution; and relations between the Alps, Apennines and Corsica.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862392526
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 456
Weight: 1.20 kg


• Foreword: Stefan M. Schmid.
• Introduction: analysing orogeny—the Alpine approach, S Siegesmund, B Fügenschuh & N Froitzheim
• Geodynamic evolution of an Alpine terrane—the Austroalpine basement to the south of the Tauern Window as a part of the Adriatic Plate (eastern Alps), B Schulz, A Steenken & S Siegesmund
• Exhumation and deformation history of the lower crustal section of the Valstrona di Omegna in the Ivrea Zone, southern Alps, S Siegesmund, P Layer, I Dunkl, A Vollbrecht, A Steenken, K Wemmer & H Ahrendt
• Evolution of an Early Permian extensional detachment fault from synintrusive, mylonitic flow to brittle faulting (Grassi Detachment Fault, Orobic Anticline, southern Alps, Italy), N Froitzheim, J F Derks, J M Walter & D Sciunnach
• Post-Variscan to Early Alpine sedimentary basins in the Tauern Window (eastern Alps), P Veselá, B Lammerer, A Wetzel, F Söllner & A Gerdes
• The Meliata suture in the Carpathians: regional significance and implications for the evolution of high-pressure wedges within collisional orogens, R D Dallmeyer, F Neubauer & H Fritz
• Subduction-related metamorphism in the Alps: review of isotopic ages based on petrology and their geodynamic consequences, A Berger & R Bousquet
• Tectonic evolution of the northwestern Internal Dinarides as constrained by structures and rotation of Medvednica Mountains, North Croatia, B Tomljenović, L Csontos, E Márton & P Márton
• Tertiary cooling and exhumation history in the Maramures area (internal eastern Carpathians, northern Romania): thermochronology and structural data, H R Gröger, B Fügenschuh, M Tischler, S M Schmid & J P T Foeken
• The western termination of the SEMP Fault (eastern Alps) and its bearing on the exhumation of the Tauern Window, C L Rosenberg & S Schneider
• A crustal-scale cross-section through the Tauern Window (eastern Alps) from geophysical and geological data, B Lammerer, H Gebrande, E Lüschen & P Veselá
• Neotectonic faulting, uplift & seismicity in the central and western Swiss Alps, M Ustaszewski & O A Pfiffner
• On the role and importance of orogen-parallel and -perpendicular extension, transcurrent shearing, and backthrusting in the Monte Rosa nappe and the Southern Steep Belt of the Alps (Penninic zone, Switzerland and Italy), J Pleuger, T J Nagel, J M Walter, E Jansen & N Froitzheim
• Metamorphic evolution of a very low- to low-grade metamorphic core complex (Danubian window) in the South Carpathians, M Ciulavu, R Ferreiro Mählmann, S M Schmid, H Hofmann, A Seghedi & M Frey
• Tectonics and sedimentation during convergence of the ALCAPA and Tisza–Dacia continental blocks: the Pienide nappe emplacement and its foredeep (N. Romania), M Tischler, L Matenco, S Filipescu, H R Gröger, A Wetzel & B Fügenschuh
• Calcareous nannofossil age constraints on Miocene flysch sedimentation in the Outer Dinarides (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro), T Mikes, M Báldi-Beke, M Kázmér, I Dunkl & H Von Eynatten
• Tertiary subduction, collision and exhumation recorded in the Adula nappe, central Alps, T J Nagel
• Metamorphism of metasediments at the scale of an orogen: a key to the Tertiary geodynamic evolution of the Alps, R Bousquet, R Oberhänsli, B Goffé, M Wiederkehr, F Koller, S M Schmid, R Schuster, M Engi, A Berger & G Martinotti
• Northern Apennine–Corsica orogenic system: an updated overview, G Molli
• Index


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