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Metasomatism in Oceanic and Continental Lithospheric Mantle

Product Code: SP293
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by Massimo Coltorti and M Gregoire
Publication Date: 02 January 2008
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Special Publication 293.

Twenty years have passed since Menzies & Hawkesworth extended the concept of metasomatism to mantle processes. The aim of this book is to gather together progress made on this topic since then. Most of the 14 papers reported in the volume rely on in situ major and trace element analyses of minerals and glasses in mantle xenoliths, and deal with different kinds of metasomatic agents at variable fluid/rock ratios in tectonic settings as different as intra-plate, mid-ocean ridge (ophiolites) and supra-subduction. The book contributes to the wide debate on the nature of the fluids migrating into the mantle wedge, as well as on the different residential times of the subduction signature. In addition papers on intra-plate settings deal with the problem of relating various metasomatic signatures to one single metasomatic event through an infiltration-reaction process.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-242-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-242-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1.0 kg


Metasomatism in oceanic and continental lithospheric mantle: introduction, Coltorti, Massimo Gregoire, M • The Jurassic Ligurian Tethys, a fossil ultra-slow spreading ocean: the mantle perspective, Piccardo, G. B. • Calcic amphiboles in peridotite xenoliths from Avacha volcano, Kamchatka, and their implications for metasomatic conditions in the mantle wedge, Ishimaru, S. Arai, S. • Asthenospheric signature in fertile spinel lherzolites from the Viliga Volcanic Field in NE Russia, Ntaflos, T. Tschegg, C. Coltorti, Massimo Akinin, V. V. Kosler, J. • The Gataia Pleistocene Lamproite: a new occurrence at southeastern edge of the Pannonian Basin, Romania, Seghedi, I. Ntaflos, T. Pecskay, Z. • Heterogeneous metasomatism in cumulate xenoliths from the Spanish Central System: implications on percolative fractional crystallization of lamprophyric melts, Orejana, D. Villaseca, C. • Types of metasomatism in mantle xenoliths enclosed in Neogene-Quaternary alkaline mafic lavas from Catalonia (NE Spain), Galan, G. Oliveras, V. Paterson, B. A. • Plume-related stable isotope compositions and fluid-rock interaction processes in the Basal Complex of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain, Demeny, A. Casillas, R. Vennemann, T. W. Hegner, E. Nagy, G. Ahijado, A. de la Nuez, J. Sipos, P. Pilet, S. Milton, A. J. • Characterization of the metasomatic agent in mantle xenoliths from Deves, Massif Central (France) using coupled in-situ trace-element and O, Sr, Nd isotopic compositions, Touron, S. Renac, C. O'Reilly, S. Y. Cottin, J. Y. Griffin, W. L. • Metasomatism of the upper mantle beneath Hyblean Plateau (Sicily): evidence from pyroxenes and glass in peridotite xenoliths, Perinelli, C. Sapienza, G. T. Armienti, P. Morten, L. • Petrological and geochemical constraints on the composition of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Syrian rift, northern part of the Arabian plate, Ismail, M. Delpech, G. Cottin, J. Y. Gregoire, M Moine, B. Bilal, A. • The role of HIMU metasomatic components in the North African lithospheric mantle: petrological evidence from the Gharyan lherzolite xenoliths, NW Libya, Beccaluva, L. Bianchini, G. Ellam, R. M. Marzola, M. Oun, K. M. Siena, F. Stuart, F. M. • Metasomatism induced by alkaline magma in the upper mantle of northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): an experimental approach, Perinelli, C. Orlando, A. Conte, A. M. Armienti, P. Borrini, D. Faccini, B. Misiti, V. • Palaeozoic subduction-related and kimberlite/carbonatite metasomatism in the Scottish lithospheric mantle, Bonadiman, C. Coltorti, Massimo Duggen, S. Paludetti, L. Siena, F. Thirlwall, M. Upton, B. G. J. • Reconstruction of mantle sections beneath Yakutian kimberlite pipes using monomineral thermobarometry, Ashchepkov, I. V. Pokhilenko, N. P. Vladykin, N. V. Rotman, A. Y. Afanasiev, V. P. Logvinova, A. M. Kostrovitsky, S. I. Pokhilenko, L. N. Karpenko, M. A. Kuligin, S. S. Malygina, E. V. Stegnitsky, Y. B. Alymova, N. A. Khmelnikova, O. S.


Shantanu Kesha

This will-written book is illustrated with numerous color photographs, and simple tables are included in several chapters. Some chapters have black-and-white illustrations that work well. The compilation is a valuable, detailed documentation of case studies and includes introductory paragraphs in several chapters. Every geology library should have a copy, and the book will be of use to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and teachers/professors of geochemistry and petrology.

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