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The Geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia

Product Code: SP291
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T Taymaz, Y Yılmaz and Y Dilek
Publication Date: 05 December 2007
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The complexity of plate interactions and associated crustal deformation in the Eastern Mediterranean region is reflected by the numerous destructive earthquakes that have occurred throughout its history. Many of these have been well documented and studied. In addition, the Aegean region provides examples of core-complex formation, synchronous basin evolution and subsequent graben formation and continental extensional deformation following orogenic contraction. It is therefore considered to be a perfect natural laboratory for the study of these mechanisms. The region has been the subject of intensive research for several decades. This book contains current results and ideas regarding the geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia. It will be essential reading for all geoscientists with an interest in the structural evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-239-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 320
Weight: 1.10 kg


The geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia: introduction, T Taymaz, Y Yilmaz & Y Dilek • The geodynamic evolution of the Alpine orogen in the Cyclades (Aegean Sea, Greece): insights from diverse origins and modes of emplacement of ultramafic rocks, Y Katzir, Z Garfunkel, D Avigad & A Matthews • Structural evolution of Andros (Cyclades, Greece): a key to the behaviour of a (flat) detachment within an extending continental crust, C Mehl, L Jolivet, O Lacombe, L Labrousse & G Rimmele • Late Miocene igneous rocks of Samos: the role of tectonism in petrogenesis in the southeastern Aegean, G Pe-Piper, & D J W Piper • Distribution and chronology of submarine volcanic rocks around Santorini and their relationship to faulting, D J W Piper, G Pe-Piper, C Perissoratis & G Anastasakis • From syn- to post-orogenic Tertiary extension in the north Aegean region: constraints on the kinematics in the eastern Rhodope–Thrace, Bulgaria–Greece and the Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey, N Bonev & L Beccaletto • Geodetic constraints on kinematics of southwestern Bulgaria from GPS and levelling data, I Georgiev, D Dimitrov, L Belijashki, L Pashova, S Shanov & G Nikolov • Shear velocity structure in the Aegean region obtained by joint inversion of Rayleigh and Love waves, E E Karagianni & C B Papazachos • A model for the Hellenic subduction zone in the area of Crete based on seismological investigations, T Meier, D Becker, B Endrun, M Rische, M Bohnhoff, B Stöckhert & H-P Harjes • Understanding tsunamis, potential source regions and tsunami-prone mechanisms in the Eastern Mediterranean, S Yolsal, T Taymaz, & A C Yalçiner • Late Quaternary sedimentation and tectonics in the submarine Şarköy Canyon, western Marmara Sea (Turkey), M Ergin, E Uluadam, K Sarikavak, Ş Keskin, E Gökaşan & H Tur • Source characteristics of the 6 June 2000 Orta–Çankırı (central Turkey) earthquake: a synthesis of seismological, geological and geodetic (InSAR) observations, and internal deformation of the Anatolian plate, T Taymaz, T J Wright, S Yolsal, O Tan, E Fielding & G Seyitoğlu • The magnetism in tectonically controlled travertine as a palaeoseismological tool: examples from the Sıcak Çermik geothermal field, central Turkey, H Gürsoy, B L Mesci, J D A Piper, O Tatar & C J Davies • Index


Colin N Winsor

As with other Geological Society publications this book is well presented, with excellent figures and reference listing. A comprehensive index is contained in the book. Although it might be of limited use to industry based Australian geologists, it could be useful reference material to a researcher interested in the history of the eastern Mediterranean or wishing to understand core complexes and recent tectonic events. Alternatively, a geological tourist wishing to tour this part of the world would find the book beneficial.

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