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Imaging, Mapping and Modelling Continental Lithosphere Extension and Breakup

Product Code: SP282
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G D Karner, G Manatschal and L M Pinheiro
Publication Date: 05 July 2007
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This book summarizes our present understanding of the formation of passive continental margins and their ocean–continent transitions. It outlines the geological, geophysical and petrological observations that characterize extensional systems, and how such observations can guide and constrain dynamic and kinematic models of continental lithosphere extension, break-up and the inception of organized seafloor spreading. The book focuses on imaging, mapping and modelling lithospheric extensional systems, at both the regional scale using dynamic models to the local scale of individual basins using kinematic models, with an emphasis on capturing the extensional history of the Iberia and Newfoundland margins. The results from a number of other extensional regimes are presented to provide comparisons with the North Atlantic studies; these range from the Tethyan realm and the northern Red Sea to the western and southern Australian margins, the Basin and Range Province, and the Woodlark basin of Papua New Guinea. All of these field studies, combined with lessons learnt from the modelling, are used to address fundamental questions about the extreme deformation of continental lithosphere.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-228-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-228-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 488
Weight: 1.21 kg


Imaging, mapping and modelling continental lithosphere extension and breakup: an introduction, G D Karner, G Manatschal and L M Pinheiro • Break-up of the Newfoundland-Iberia rift, B E Tucholke, D S Sawyer and J-C Sibuet • Structure of the Flemish Cap margin, Newfoundland: insights into mantle and crustal processes during continental breakup, J R Hopper, T Funck and B E Tucholke • Early Cretaceous motion of Flemish Cap with respect to North America: implications on the formation of Orphan Basin and SE Flemish Cap-Galicia Bank conjugate margins, J-C Sibuet, S P Srivastava, M Enachescu and G D Karner • The formation of non-volcanic rifted margins by the progressive extension of the lithosphere: the example of the West Iberian margin, T J Reston • Roles of lithospheric strain softening and heterogeneity in determining the geometry of rifts and continental margins, R S Huismans and C Beaumont • The role of gravitational instabilities, density structure, and extension rate in the evolution of continental margins, E Burov • A dynamic model of rifting between Galicia Bank and Flemish Cap during opening of the North Atlantic Ocean, D L Harry and S Grandell • A kinematic modelling approach to lithosphere deformation and basin formation: application to the Black Sea, S S Egan and D J Meredith • Early kinematic history of the Goban Spur rifted margin derived from a new model of continental breakup and sea-floor spreading initiation, D Healy and N J Kusznir • The boundary between continental rifting and seafloor spreading in the Woodlark Basin, Papua New Guinea, A M Goodliffe and B Taylor • Nature of the continent-ocean transition zone along the southern Australian continental margin: a comparison of the Naturaliste Plateau, SW Australia, and the central Great Australian Bight sectors, N G Direen, I Borissova, H M J Stagg, J B Colwell and P A Symonds • Constraints on the deformation and rupturing of continental lithosphere of the Red Sea: the transition from rifting to drifting, J R Cochran and G D Karner • Observations from the Alpine Tethys and Iberia Newfoundland margins pertinent to the interpretation of continental breakup, G Manatschal, O Muntener, L L Lavier, T A Minshull and G Peron-Pinvidic • Overview of tectonic settings related to the rifting and opening of Mesozoic ocean basins in the Eastern Tethys: Oman, Himalayas and Eastern Mediterranean regions, A H F Robertson • Continental lithospheric thinning and breakup in response to upwelling divergent mantle flow: application to the Woodlark, Newfoundland, and Iberia margins, N J Kusznir G D Karner • Observations from the Basin and Range Province (western United States) pertinent to the interpretation of regional detachment faults, N Christie-Blick, M H Anders, S Wills, C D Walker and B Renik • Effects of initial weakness on rift architecture, S Dyksterhuis, P Rey, R D Müller and L Moresi • Incompressible viscous formulations for deformation and yielding of the lithosphere, L Moresi, H-B Muhlhaus, V Lemiale and D May


Ian Alsop

This book covers a huge (and growing) area of research and the editors are to be congratulated on producing such an excellent and authoritative volume which clearly summarizes the current ‘state of play’.

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