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Mesozoic Sub-Continental Lithospheric Thinning Under Eastern Asia

Product Code: SP280
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M-G Zhai, B F Windley, T M Kusky and Q R Meng
Publication Date: 29 June 2007
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The North China craton is the only known place where an Archaean craton with a thick tectospheric root lost half of that root in younger tectonism by processes such as delamination, convection, hydration-weakening, compositional change or some other mechanism. In this volume, authors provide data constraining the geometry and timing of root loss, aimed at understanding why and how continental roots are lost in general. Modelling how often this process may have occurred in the geological past, and how much lithospheric material has been recycled to the convecting mantle through this mechanism, could drastically change our current understanding of crustal growth rates and processes. Possible triggering mechanisms for root loss include collision of the South China (Yangtze) and North China cratons in the Triassic, the India–Asia collision, closure of the Solonker and Monhgol–Okhotsk oceans, Mesozoic subduction of the Pacific Plate beneath eastern China, impingement of mantle plumes, mantle hydration from long-term subduction and several rifting events. In this volume, we link studies of crustal tectonics with investigations aimed at determining the nature of and timing of the formation and loss of the root, in order to better-understand mechanisms of continental root formation, evolution and recycling/removal.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-225-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-225-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Weight: 1.05 kg


Tectonic evolution of the North China Block: from orogen to craton to orogen, T M Kusky, B F Windley and M-G Zhai • Temporal and spatial distribution of Mesozoic mafic magmatism in the North China Craton and implications for secular lithosphere evolution, H-F Zhang • Contributions of the lower crust to Mesozoic mantle-derived mafic rocks from the North China Craton: implications for lithospheric thinning, F Huang, S-G Li and W Yang • Late Mesozoic mafic magmatism from the North China Block: constraints on chemical and isotopic heterogeneity of the subcontinental lithosphere mantle, W-M Fan, F Guo, Y-J Wang and H-F Zhang • Geochemistry of Mesozoic mafic volcanic rocks from the Yanshan belt in the northern margin of the North China Block: relations with post-collisional lithospheric extension, F Guo, W-M Fan, X-Y Li and C-W Li • Origin of Mesozoic magmatism in the North China Craton: constraints from petrological and geochemical data, B Chen, M-G Zhai and W Tian • Polyphase Mesozoic tectonics in the eastern part of the North China Block, insights from the eastern Liaoning Peninsula massif (NE China), W Lin, M Faure, P Monie and Q-C Wang • Mesozoic tectonics in the Eastern Block of the North China Craton: implications for subduction of the Pacific Plate beneath the Eurasian Plate, S-Z Li, T M Kusky, G-C Zhao, F Wu, W Fuyuan, J-Z Liu, M Sun, L Wang and W Lu • Deep crustal structures of the Yanshan intracontinental orogeny: a comparison with pericontinental and intercontinental orogenies, J Shao, G He and L Zhang • Upper crustal response to Mesozoic tectonism in western Liaoning, North China, and implications for lithosphere delamination, T D Cope and S A Graham • Phanerozoic evolution of the Inner Mongolia-Daxinganling orogenic belt in North China: constraints from geochronology of ophiolites and associated formations, L Miao, F Zhang, W-M Fan and D Liu • Late Mesozoic tectonic transition of the eastern North China raton: evidence from basin-fill records, Z Li, Y Li, J-P Zheng and D Han • Palaeogeothermal response and record of Late Mesozoic lithosphere thinning in the eastern North China Craton, S Hu, M Fu, S Yang, Y Yuan and J Wang • East Margin Fault of Yellow Sea - a part of the conjunction zone between Sino-Korea and Yangtze Blocks? T-Y Hao, Y Xu, M Suh, Ya Xu, J-H Liu, L-L Zhang and M-G Dai • Crustal P-wave velocity distribution and metallotectonics around the North China Craton, X Chang, Yike Liu, M-G Zhai and Yanghua Wang • Fluid evolution and large-scale gold metallogeny during Mesozoic tectonic transitions in the Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China, H-R Fan, F-F Hu, J-H Yang and M-G Zhai • A mechanism for transforming buoyant North Chinese cratonic lithosphere to a denser equivalent for delamination, J-F Deng, M-F Zhou, M F J Flower, S-G Su, M-G Zhai, C Liu, G-C Zhao, X-G Zhao, S Zhou and Z-X Wu • Lithosphere thinning in eastern Asia: constraints, evolution and tests of models, T M Kusky, B F Windley and M G Zhai


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