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Coastal and Shelf Sediment Transport

Product Code: SP274
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P S Balson and M B Collins
Publication Date: 01 January 2007
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Special Publication 274

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For the geoscientist, interest in sediment dynamics relates to the understanding of modern processes, together with their extrapolation to the interpretation of ancient deposits within the stratigraphic record. Over the years, various measurement techniques and scientific approaches have been applied to the determination of sediment transport pathways and the derivation of erosion, transport and deposition rates. Recently, a number of new techniques and approaches have been developed, associated with different temporal and spatial scales, and it is appropriate and timely to review a representative selection, by reference to recently undertaken coastal and shelf investigations.

The various contributions in the volume cover, for example: optical and acoustic backscatter measurements; particle tracking; the use of multibeam imagery; grain-size trend analysis; and analytic, numerical and conceptual modelling. Although no single method provides a complete solution to the problem posed, this overview will assist sedimentologists and sediment dynamicists in their selection of the most appropriate approaches, towards the establishment of 'high confidence' in the interpretation of sediment transport rates and directions.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-217-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-217-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 168
Weight: 0.7 kg


Introduction, M B Collins and P S Balson
• Measuring suspended sand concentration using acoustic backscatter: a critical look at the errors and uncertainties, C E Vincent
 • Sorption of lanthanum onto clay minerals: a potential tracer for fine sediment transport in the coastal marine environment? K L Spencer, S L James, J A Taylor and T Kearton-Gee
• Sand and mud flux estimates using acoustic and optical backscatter sensors: measurements seaward of the Wash, southern North Sea, S J Bass, I N McCave, J M Rees and C E Vincent
• Field measurement and quantification of longshore sediment transport: an unattainable goal? J A G Cooper and O H Pilkey
• Simple analytical results for bedload transport due to tides, J N Aldridge
• Use of swath bathymetry in the investigation of sand dune geometry and migration around a near shore 'banner' tidal sandbank, T Schmitt, N C Mitchell and T S Ramsay • A model for simulating the dispersal tracks of sand grains in coastal areas - 'SandTrack', R L Soulsby, C T Mead and B R Wild
• The use of particle tracking in sediment transport studies: a review, K S Black, S Athey, P Wilson and D Evans
• Surface morphodynamics along the Holland coast, C L Hinton and R J Nicholls
 • Mesoscale changes in present-day nearshore surface sediments and bedforms of the North coast of Ireland, J L McDowell, J Knight and R Quinn
• An application of sediment trend analysis to Carmarthen Bay, Bristol Channel, B Cooper and P McLaren
• Seabed sediment transport pathway investigations: review of scientific approach and methodologies, A F Velegrakis, M B Collins, A C Bastos, D Paphitis and A Brampton • Modelling SPM on the Northwest European shelf seas, A J Souza, J T Holt and R Proctor 


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