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Building Stone Decay: From Diagnosis to Conservation

Product Code: SP271
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R Prikryl and B J Smith
Publication Date: 09 February 2007
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Stone buildings and monuments form the cultural centres of many of the world’s urban areas. Frequently these areas are prone to high levels of atmospheric pollution that promote a variety of aggressive stone decay processes. Because of this, stone decay is now widely recognized as a severe threat to much of our cultural heritage. If this threat is to be successfully addressed it is essential that the symptoms of decay are clearly identified, that appropriate stone properties are accurately characterized and that decay processes are precisely identified. It is undoubtedly the case that successful conservation has to be underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of the causes of decay and the factors that control them. The accomplishment of these demanding goals requires an interdisciplinary approach based on co-operation between geologists, environmental scientists, chemists, material scientists, civil engineers, restorers and architects. In pursuit of this collaboration, this volume aims to strengthen the knowledge base dealing with the causes, consequences, prevention and solution of stone decay problems.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-218-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-218-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 344
Weight: 1.00 kg


Diagnosing decay: the value of medical analogy in understanding the weathering of building stones, B J Smith and R Prikryl • Understanding the Earth scientist's role in the pre-restoration research of monuments: an overview, R Prikryl • Inventorying built heritage and its raw materials • The rediscovery of an ancient exploitation site of Piperno, a valuable historical stone from Phlegraean Fields (Italy), D Calcaterra, P Cappelletti, M De Gennaro, R De Gennaro, F De Sanctis, A Flora and A Langella • Natural stone portals of the town of Udine (Italy): their design, construction and materials between the 15th and the 20th centuries, A Frangipane • The dimension stone potential of Thailand - overview and granite site investigations, A Hoffmann and S Siegesmund • Characterization of serpentinites to define their appropriate use as dimension stone, D Pereira, M Yenes, J A Blanco and M Peinado • Kirmenjak - Pietra d'Istria: a preliminary investigation of its use in Venetian architectural heritage, M Šimunic Buršic, D Aljinovic and S Cancelliere • Photo-based decay mapping of replaced stone blocks on the boundary wall of Worcester College, Oxford, M J Thornbush and H A Viles • Patterns and monitoring of decay • An holistic approach to the assessment of stone decay: Bonamargy Friary, Northern Ireland, S McCabe, B J Smith and P A Warke • Stone decay induced by fire on historical buildings: the case of the cloister of Lisbon Cathedral (Portugal), A Dionisio • The weathering and weatherability of Basílica da Estrela stones, Lisbon, Portugal, C A M Figueiredo, L Aires-Barros, M J Basto, R C Graça and A Maurício • The mineralogical and chemical methods in investigations of decay of the Devonian black 'marble' from Debnik (Southern Poland), M Marszalek • Processes of decay • Effect of long-term changes in air pollution and climate on the decay and blackening of European stone buildings, C M Grossi and P Brimblecombe • Modelling of the calcareous stone sulphation in polluted atmosphere after exposure in the field, R-A Lefèvre, A Ionescu, P Ausset, A Chabas, F Girardat and F Vince • Decay of natural stones caused by fire damage, J Sippel, S Siegesmund, T Weiss, K-H Nitsch and M Korzen • Post-depositional modification of atmospheric dust on a granite building in central Rio de Janerio: implications for surface induration and subsequent stone decay, B J Smith, J J McAlister, J A Baptista Neto and M A M Silva • Dilation of building materials submitted to frost action, C Thomachot and N Matsuoka • Salt decay testing • The effects of wetting and drying, and marine salt crystallization on calcarenite rocks used as building material in historic monuments, G F Andriani and N Walsh • Stone properties and weathering induced by salt crystallization of Maltese Globigerina Limestone, E Rothert, T Eggers, J Cassar, J Ruedrich, B Fitzner and S Siegesmund • Length changes of sandstones caused by salt crystallization, J Ruedrich, M Seidel, E Rothert and S Siegesmund • Complex weathering effects on durability characteristics of building stone, P A Warke and B J Smith • Record of decay in rock properties • Controls on permeability: implications for stone weathering, J M McKinley and P A  Warke • Texture, spatial and orientation dependence of internal strains in marble: a key to understanding the bowing of marble panels? C Scheffzük, S Siegesmund, D I Nikolayev and A Hoffmann • The influence of lithology and pore-size distribution on the durability of acid volcanic tuffs, Hungary, Á Török, L Z Forgó, T Vogt, S Löbens, S Siegesmund and T Weiss • Differences in texture, physical properties and microbiology of weathering crust and host rock: a case study of the porous limestone of Budapest (Hungary), Á Török, S Siegesmund, C Müller, A Hüpers, M Hoppert and T Weiss • A comparative and critical study of X-ray CT and neutron CT as non-destructive material evaluation techniques, J Vlassenbroeck, V Cnudde, B Masschaele, M Dierick, L van Hoorebeke and P Jacobs • Performance in use and conservation • Rock petrophysics vs. performances of protective and consolidation treatments: the case of Mt. Arzolo Sandstone, F Carò and A Di Giulio • Overview of recent knowledge of patinas on stone monuments: the Spanish experience, C Vazquez-Calvo, M Alvarez de Buergo and R Fort • Green walls?: integrated laboratory and field testing of the effectiveness of soft wall capping in conserving ruins, H A Viles and C Wood 


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