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Physical Geology of High-Level Magmatic Systems

Product Code: SP234
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by C. Breitkreuz and N. Petford
Publication Date: 30 November 2004
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Geological Society Special Publication 234

This book gives an up-to-date overview of the physical geology of sub-volcanic intrusions. Topics covered in this wide-ranging volume include important aspects of the field geology and physical volcanology of sills, laccoliths and sub-volcanic complexes, magma-Ÿsediment interaction and numerical and experimental studies aimed at quantifying more precisely the emplacement mechanics of high-level magmatic intrusions. Provocative papers ask whether laccoliths and high-level sills are forming today, and question the nature of the relationship between high-level intrusions and contemporaneous volcanic activity. Several contributions also deal with the more applied aspects of high-level magma emplacement and 3D seismic imaging of sill and laccolith complexes as relevant to the hydrocarbons industry. It is hoped that with the publication of this volume a consensus will emerge that will help to advance our understanding of the more important physical factors governing the emplacement of high-level intrusions in the continental crust, along with their wider geotectonic implications. 

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-169-6
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-169-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 262
Weight: 0.80 kg


Introduction, C Breitkreuz, N Petford • Sedimentation, volcanism and subvolcanic intrusions in a late Palaeozoic intramontane trough (the Intra-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland), M Awdankiewicz • Are laccolith complexes characteristic of transtensional basin systems: examples from Permo-Carboniferous Central Europe, C Breitkreuz, A Mock • Peperitic lava lake-fed sills at Sag-hegy, western Hungary: a complex interaction of a wet tephra ring and lava, U Martin, K Nemeth • Emplacement textures in Late Palaeozoic andesite sills of the Flechtingen-Roßlau Block, north of Magdeburg (Germany), M Awdankiewicz, C Breitkreuz, B-C Ehling • High-level volcanic-granodioritic intrusions from Zelezniak Hill (Kaczawa Mountains, Sudetes, SW Poland), K Machowiak, A Muszynski, R Armstrong • Relationship between diatremes, dykes, sills, laccoliths, intrusive-extrusive domes, lava flows, and tephra deposits with unconsolidated water-saturated sediments in the Late Variscan intermontane Saar-Nahe-Basin, SW Germany, V Lorenz, J Haneke • The Neogene to Recent Railler-du-Baty nested ring complex, Kerguelen Archipelago (TAAF, Indian Ocean): stratigraphy revisited, implications for cauldron subsidence mechanisms B Bonin, R Ethien, M C Gerbe, J Y Cottin, G Feraud, D Gagnevin, A Giret, G Michon, B Moine • Tectonic control on laccolith emplacement in the northern Apennines fold-thrust belt: the Gavorrano intrusion (southern Tuscany, Italy), F Mazzarini, G Corti, G Musumeci, F Innocenti • Rate of construction of the Black Mesa bysmalith, Henry Mountains, Utah, G Habert, M De Saint – Blanquat • Depth, geometry and emplacement of sills to laccoliths and their host rock relationships: Montecampione group, Southern Alps, Italy, C Corazzato, G Gropelli • Rise and fall of a nested Christmas-tree laccolith complex, Elba Island, Italy, D S Westerman, A Dini, F Innocenti, S Rocchi • Formation of saucer-shaped sills, A Malthe-Sorenssen, S Planke, H Svensen, B Jamtveit • Sill complex geometry and internal architecture: a 3D seismic perspective, K Thomson • Hydrothermal vent complexes associated with sill intrusions in sedimentary basins, B Jamtveit, H Svensen, Y Y Podladchikov, S Planke • Experimental constraints on the mechanics of dyke emplacement in partially molten olivines, S Vinciguerra, X Xiao, B Evans • 


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