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Permo-Carboniferous Magmatism and Rifting in Europe

Product Code: SP223
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Wilson, E. R. Neumann, G. R. Davies, M. J. Timmerman, M. Heeremans and B. T. Larsen
Publication Date: 30 June 2003
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Widespread extension occurred within the Variscan orogen and its northern foreland during Late Carboniferous to Early Permian times. This was associated with magmatism and with a fundamental change, at the Westphalian–Stephanian boundary, in the regional stress field, coincident with the termination of orogenic activity and onset of dextral translation between North Africa and Europe. Rifting propagated across basement terranes with different ages and thermal histories. Most of the rift basins developed on relatively thin lithosphere; however, the highly magmatic Oslo Graben initiated within the edge of a craton. Early Stephanian regional uplift is contemporaneous with the onset of magmatism, inviting speculation that it might have been induced by a thermal anomaly within the upper mantle. The contributions to this volume suggest that the geodynamic setting in which magmatism occurred was complex, involving wrench tectonics, slab detachment, and delamination or thermal erosion of the base of the lithosphere.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-152-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-152-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 498
Weight: 1.40 kg


Carboniferous-Permian rifting and magmatism in southern Scandinavia, the North Sea and northern Germany: A review, E-R Neumann, M Wilson, M Heeremans,E A Spencer, K Obst, M J Timmerman and L Kirstein • Timing, geodynamic setting and character of Permo-Carboniferous magmatism in the foreland of the Variscan Orogen, NW Europe, M J Timmerman • Late Carboniferous - Permian of NW Europe: an introduction to a new regional map, J I Faleide, M Heeremans and B T Larsen • Diachronous Variscan Late-Orogenic Collapse in Response to Multiple Detachments: A View from the Internides in France to the Foreland in the Irish Sea, D Praeg • Asymmetric lithosphere as the cause of rifting and magmatism in the Permo-Carboniferous Oslo Graben, C Pascal, S A P L Cloetingh and G R Davies • Late Carboniferous - Permian tectonics and magmatic activity in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and the North Sea, J I Faleide and M Heeremans • New constraints on the timing of late Carboniferous - early Permian volcanism in the central North Sea, J I Faleide, L Kirstein, M J Timmerman and M Heeremans • Carboniferous and Permian magmatism in Scotland, B G J Upton, D Stephenson, P M Smedley, S M Wallis and J G Fitton • 40Ar/39 Ar Geochronology of Carboniferous - Permian Volcanism in the Midland Valley, Scotland, A A Monoghan and M S Pringle • Helium isotope signature of lithospheric mantle xenoliths from the Permo-Carboniferous magmatic province in Scotland - no evidence for a lower mantle plume, L Kirstein, T J Dunai, G R Davies, B G J Upton and I K Nikogosian • Permo-Carboniferous extension-related magmatism at the southwestern margin of the Fennoscandian Shield, K Obst, Z Solyom and L Johansson • Post-Variscan evolution of the lithosphere in the Rhine Graben area: constraints from subsidence modelling, P A Ziegler, M E Schumacher, P Dezes, J D Van Wees and S A P L Cloetingh • Timing of upper carboniferous/permian horst-basin formation and magmatism in the NW Turingian Forest, Central Germany, a review, A Zeh and H Bratz • New 40Ar/39Ar ages and geochemistry of late Carboniferous to early Permian Iamprophyres and related volcanic rocks in the Saxothuringian Zone of the Variscan Orogen (Germany), V Von Seckendorff, M J Timmerman, W Kramer and P Wrobel • Magmatism of the late Variscan intermontant Saar-Nahe Basin (Germany): a review, V Von Seckendorff, C Arz and V Lorenz • Geochemistry and mineralogy of Rotliegend metavolcanic mafic rocks from Poland: pervasive low-grade metamorphism vs. parent rock signature, E Dubinska, P Bylina, B Baginski, G Kapron and A Kozlowski • Carboniferous-Permian mafic magmatism in the variscan belt of Spain and France: implications for mantle sources, G Perini, J M Cabria, J Lopez-Ruiz and M Doblas • Permian magmatism and basin dynamics in the southern Pyrenees: a record of the transition from late-Variscan transtension to the early alpine extension, M Lago, E Arranz, A Pocovi, C Gale and A Gil-Imaz •


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