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Ophiolites in Earth History

Product Code: SP218
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by Y. Dilek and P. T. Robinson
Publication Date: 13 May 2004
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The 32 research papers in this volume examine the mode and nature of igneous, metamorphic, tectonic, sedimentological and biological processes associated with the evolution of ophiolites in Earth’s history. Divided into six sections, the book presents a wealth of new data and syntheses from ophiolites around the world. The beginning chapter reviews the distribution of ophiolites in space and time and presents a synoptic discussion on their importance in Earth history. Papers in the second section present diverse data from Tethyan ophiolites and provide refined geodynamic models for their evolution. The following two sections present case studies documenting magmatic, metamorphic and tectonic processes in ophiolite genesis and hydrothermal and biogenic alteration of fossil oceanic crust. Mechanisms of ophiolite emplacement are explored in Section V with a focus on the Semail massif (Oman). The last section examines the regional occurrence and geodynamic significance of ophiolite belts on different continents.

The book reflects the contemporary work of the international community in a most up-to-date treatment of process-oriented questions on the evolution of ophiolites. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-145-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-145-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 720
Weight: 1.70 kg


Ophiolites in Earth history: introduction, Y Dilek and P T Robinson • Ophiolite pulses, mantle plumes and orogeny, Y Dilek • Arc-trench rollback and forearc accretion: 1. A collision-induced mantle flow model for Tethyan ophiolites, M F J Flower and Y Dilek • Arc-trench rollback and forearc accretion: 2. A model template for ophiolites in Albania, Cyprus, and Oman, Y Dilek and M F J Flower • Melt migration in ophiolites: the message from Alpine-Apennine peridotites and implications for embryonic ocean basins, O. Muntener and G. B. Piccardo • Petrology and evolution of the Brezovica ultramafic massif, Serbia, B A Bazylev, S Karamata and G S Zakariadze • Triassic mid-ocean ridge basalts from the Argolis Peninsula (Greece): new constraints for the early oceanization phases of the Neo-Tethyan Pindon basin, E Saccani, E Padoa and A Photiades • Structural and micro-structural analysis of a palaeo-transform fault zone in the Neyriz ophiolite, Iran, K Sarkarinejad • Stratigraphic and sedimentological constraints on the age and tectonic evolution of the Neotethyan ophiolites along the Yarlung Tsangpo suture Zone, Tibet, J C Aitchison, A M Davis, A V Abrajevitch, J R Ali, J Liu, H Luo, I R C McDermid and S V Ziabrev • Yarlung Zangbo ophiolites (Southern Tibet) revisited: geodynamic implications from the mineral record, R Hebert, F Huot, C Wang and Z Liu • Geochemical and geochronological constraints on the origin and emplacement of the Yarlung Zangbo ophiolites, Southern Tibet, J Malpas, M-F. Zhou, P T Robinson and P H Reynolds • Tectonic implications of boninite, arc tholeiite, and MORB magma types in the Josephine Ophiolite, California-Oregon, G D Harper • Forearc extension and sea-floor spreading in the Thetford Mines Ophiolite complex, J M Schroetter, P Page, J H Bedard, A Tremblay and V Becu • Cr-spinel compositions, metadunite petrology, and the petrotectonic history of Blue Ridge ophiolites, Southern Appalachian orogen, USA, L A Raymond, S E Swanson, A B Love and J F Allan • Multi-stage evolution of the Tertiary Mineoka ophiolite, Japan: new geochemical and age constraints, N Hirano, Y Ogawa, K Saito, T Yoshida, H Sato and H Taniguchi • The nature of faulting and deformation in the Mineoka Ophiolite, NW Pacific Rim, A Takahashi, Y Ogawa, Y Ohta and N Hirano • Oxygen Isotope and chemical studies on the origin of large plagiogranite bodies in Northern Oman, and their relationship to the overlying massive sulphide deposits, D S Stakes and H P Taylor Jr. • Ophiolites and global geochemical cycles: implications for the isotopic evolution of seawater, R T Gregory • Hydrothermal circulation and metamorphism in crustal gabbroic rocks of the Bay of Islands ophiolite complex, Newfoundland, Canada: evidence from mineral and oxygen isotope geochemistry, E Giguere, R Hebert, G Beaudoin, J H Bedard and A Berclaz • Ophiolites as faithful records of the oxygen isotope ratio of ancient seawater: the Solund-Stavfjord Ophiolite Complex as a late Ordovician example, K Muehlenbachs, H Furnes, H C Fonneland and B Hellevang • Bioalteration recorded in ophiolitic pillow lavas, H Furnes and K Muehlenbachs • What constitutes 'emplacement' of an ophiolite?: mechanisms and relationship to subduction initiation and formation of metamorphic soles, J Wakabayashi and Y Dilek • Ophiolite obduntion and the Samail Ophiolite: the behaviour of the underlying margin, R T Gregory and D R Gray • Subduction zone polarity in the Oman Mountains: implications for ophiolite emplacement, M P Searle, C J Warren, D J Waters and R R Parrish • Geodynamic patterns of ophiolites and marginal basins in the Indonesian and New Guinea regions, R Harris • Forearc ophiolites: a view from the western Pacific, J Milsom • Tethyan and Cordilleran-type ophiolites of eastern Australia: implications for the evolution of the Tasmanides, C V Spaggiari, D R Gray and D A Foster • Ophiolites in China: their distribution, ages and tectonic settings, Q Zhang, Y Wang, G Q Zhou, Q Qian and P T Robinson • Mineral chemistry of ultramafic massifs in the southern Uralides orogenic belt (Russia) and the petrogenesis of the Lower Palaeozoic ophiolites of the Uralian Ocean, P Spadea, A Zanetti and R Vannuci • Petrological diversity and origin of ophiolites in Japan and far East Russia with emphasis on depleted harzburgite, A Ishiwatari, S D Sokolov and S V Vysotskiy • Ophiolites in accretionary complexes along the Early Cretaceous margin of NE Asia: age, composition, and geodynamic diversity, S D Sokolov, M V Luchitskaya, S A Silantyev, O L Morozov, A V Ganelin, B A Bazlev, A B Osipenko, S A Palandzhyan and I R Kravchenko-Berezhnoy • Rocas Verdes ophiolites, southernmost South America: remnants of progressive stages of development of oceanic-type crust in a continental margin back-arc basin, C R Stern and M J De Wit • Proterozoic ophiolites of the Arabian Shield and their significance in Precambrian tectonics, Y Dilek and Z Ahmed •


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