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The Tectonic & Climatic Evolution of the Arabian Sea Region

Product Code: SP195
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P Clift, D Kroon, C Gaedicke and J Craig
Publication Date: 05 February 2003
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Over long periods of time the tectonic evolution of the solid Earth has been recognized as the major control on the development of the global climate system. Tectonic activity acts in one of two different ways to influence regional and global climate: (i) through the opening and closing of oceanic gateways and its effect on the circulation patterns in the global ocean: (ii) through the growth and erosion of orogenic belts, resulting in changes in oceanic chemistry and disruption of atmospheric circulation. The Arabian Sea region has several features that make it the best area globally to examine sold Earth-climatic interactions. Indeed, it can be regarded as the global type area for studies of climate and palaeoceanographic responses to tectonic activity, most notably in the context of the South Asian monsoon and its relationship to the growth of high topography in the adjacent Himalayas and Tibet.

The Tectonic and Climatic Evolution of the Arabian Sea Region brings together a collection of recent studies on the area from a wide group of international contributors. The papers range from high resolution, Holocene palaeoceanography studies of the Pakistan margin to regional tectonic reconstructions of the ocean basin and surrounding margins throughout the Cenozoic.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-111-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-111-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 512
Weight: 1.60 kg


Paleogene plate tectonic evolution of the Arabian and Eastern Somali basins, J Y Royer, A K Chaubey, J Dyment, G C Bhattacharya, K Srinivas, V Yatheesh and T Ramprasad • Seismic stratigraphy and correlation of major regional unconformities in the northern Arabian Sea, C Gaedicke, A Prexl, H U Schluter, H Meyer, H Roeser and P D Clift • Tectonic geomorphology of the Gulf of Oman Basin, E Uchupi, S A Swift and D A Ross • Paleogene magnetic isochrons and palaeo-propagators in the Arabian and Eastern Somali basins, Northwest Indian Ocean, A K Chaubey, J Dyment, G C Bhattacharya, J Y Royer, K Srinivas and V Yatheesh • Constraints on India-Eurasia collision in the Arabian Sea region taken from the Indus Group, Ladakh Himalaya, India, P D Clift, A Carter, M Krol and E Kirby • Basalt and peridotite recovered from Murray Ridge: are they of supra-subduction origin? K P Burgath, U Von Rad, W Van Der Linden, M Block, A A Khan H Roeser and W Weiss • Gas hydrates acting as cap rock to fluid discharge in the Makran accretionary prism? G Delisle and U Berner • A summary of the geology of the Iranian Makran, G J H McCall • The geometry of structures in the Zagros cover rocks and its neotectonic implications, Y Sattarzadeh and J W Cosgrove • Quaternary sedimentation on the Makran margin: turbidity current-hemipelagic interaction in an active slope-apron system, D A V Stow, A R Tabrez and M A Prins • A brief history of the Indus River, P D Clift • Seismic stratigraphy of the offshore Indus Basin, T Daley and Z Alam • Sequence stratigraphy of the southern Kirthar Fold Belt and Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan, J D Smewing, J Warbuton, T Daley, P Copestake and N Ul-Haq • Quaternary climatic changes over southern Arabia and the Thar Desert, India, K W Glennie, A K Singhvi, N Lancaster and J T Teller • Calcareous cyst-producing dinoflagellates: ecology and aspects of cyst preservation in a highly productive oceanic region, I Wendler, K A F Zonneveld and H Willems • Centennial-millennial scale monsoon variations off Somalia over the last 35 ka, S J A Jung, K Ivanova, G J Reichart, G R Davies, G Ganssen, D Kroon and J E V Hinte • Monsoon-driven export fluxes and early diagenesis of particulate nitrogen and its delta15N across the Somalia margin, G J A Brummer, H T Kloosterhuis and W Helder • Late Quaternary highstand deposits of the southern Arabian Gulf: a record of sea level and climate change, A H Williams and G M Walkden • Varves, turbidites and cycles in upper Holocene sediments (Makran Slope, northern Arabian Sea), U Von Rad, W Van Der Linden, A A Khan, W H Berger, D Rammlmair and U Treppke • Periodical breakdown of the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone caused by deep convective mixing, G J Reichart, J Nortier, G Versteegh and W J Zachariasse • Formation of varve-like laminae off Pakistan: decoding five years of sedimentation, A Luckge, L Reinhardt, H Andruleit, H Dose-Rolinski, U Von Rad, H Schulz and U Treppke • On the evolution of the oxygen minimum zone in the Arabian Sea during the Holocene and its relation to the South Asian Monsoon, M Staubwasser and P Dulski • Discovery of the Toba Ash (c. 70 ka) in a high-resolution core recovering millennial monsoonal variability off Pakistan, U Von Rad, K P Burgath, M Pervaz and H Schulz • The seasonal vertical distribution of living planktic foraminifera in the NW Arabian Sea, F J C Peeters and G J A Brummer • Planktic foraminifera, particle flux and oceanic productivity off Pakistan, NE Arabian Sea: modern analogues and application to the palaeoclimatic record, H Schulz, U Von Rad and V Ittekkot •


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