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Orogenic Processes: Quantification and Modelling in the Variscan Belt

Product Code: SP179
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by W. Franke (Giessen University, Germany), V. Haak, O. Oncken (Pottsdam University, Germany), D. Tanner (Freiburg University, Germany)
Publication Date: 18 February 2001
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Research into the orogenic processes that shaped the continental crust of Europe has a long-standing tradition. Why the need to quantify and model? It is not just satisfactory to identify subduction zones, accretionary prisms, island arcs, extensional collapse and other standard items of the geodynamic menu. Such interpretations need to be quantified: extent and composition of subducted crust, angle and speed of subduction, amount and composition of melts produced, heat sources for metamorphism. All such interpretations have to conform to first principles, and also to stand the test of quantitative balancing - a concept first developed for the conservation of length or volume in tectonic cross sections. Also in other fields, the correlation of causes and effects and the internal consistency of dynamic models requires a numerical approach.The present volume combines review articles with reports on recent progress in the attempt to address these aims. There is a foldout map of the region, which locates the main areas of outcrop and tectono-stratigraphic units, and a reassesment of the Palaeozoic time scale permits correlation of tectonic, metamorphic and magmatic events with the sedimentary record of the upper crust. Readership: Earth Scientists, Research academics interested in tectonics, Stratigraphers, Sedementologists.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-073-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-073-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 464
Weight: 1.30 kg


FRANKE, W., HAAK, V., ONCKEN, O. & TANNER, D. Orogenic processes: quantification and modelling in the Variscan Belt • MCKERROW, W.S. & VAN STAAL, C.R. The Palaeozoic time scale reviewed • MCKERROW, W.S., MAC NIOCAILL, C., AHLBERG, P.E., CLAYTON, G., CLEAL, C.J. & EAGAR, R.M.C. The late Palaeozoic relations between Gondwana and Laurussia • TAIT, J., SCHÄTZ, M., BACHTADSE, V. & SOFFEL, H. PalAeomagnetism and Palaeozoic palaeogeography of Gondwana and European terranes • FRANKE, W. The mid-European segment of the Variscides: tectono-stratigraphic units, terrane boundaries and plate evolution • FRANKE, W. & ZELAZNIEWICZ, A. The eastern termination of the Variscides: terrane correlation and kinematic evolution • BELKA, Z., AHRENDT, H., FRANKE, W. & WEMMER, K. The Baltica–Gondwana suture in central Europe: evidence from K–Ar ages of detrital muscovites and biogeographical data • FINGER, F., HANZL, P., PIN, C., VON QUADT, A. & STEYRER, H.P. The Brunovistulian: Avalonian Precambrian sequence at the eastern end of the Central European Variscides? • HEGNER, E. & KRÖNER, A. Review of Nd isotopic data and xenocrystic and detrital zircon ages from the pre-Variscan basement in the eastern Bohemian Massif: speculations on palinspastic reconstructions • LINNEMANN, U., GEHMLICH, M., TICHOMIROWA, M., BUSCHMANN, B., NASDALA, L., JONAS, P., LÜTZNER, H. & BOMBACH, K. From Cadomian subduction to Early Palaeozoic rifting: the evolution of Saxo-Thuringia at the margin of Gondwana in the light of single zircon geochronology and basin development (central European Variscides, Germany) • FLOYD, P.A., WINCHESTER, J., SESTON, R., KRYZA, R. & CROWLEY, Q.G. Review of geochemical variation in Lower Palaeozoic metabasites from the NE Bohemian Massif: intracratonic rifting and plume–ridge interaction • KRÖNER, A., ŠTÍPSKÁ, P., SCHULMANN, K. & JAECKEL, P. Chronlogical constraints on the pre-Variscan evolution of the northeastern margin of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic • ONCKEN, O., PLESCH, A., WEBER, J., RICKEN, W. & SCHRADER, S. Passive margin detachment during arc–continent collision (Central European Variscides) • SEYFERTH, M. & HENK, A. Deformation, metamorphism and exhumation: quantitative models for a continental collision zone in the Variscides • LITTKE, R., BÜKER, C., HERTLE, M., KARG, H., STROETMANN-HEINEN, V. & ONCKEN, O. Heat flow evolution, subsidence, and erosion in the Rheno-Hercynian orogenic wedge of central Europe • RICKEN, W., SCHRADER, S., ONCKEN, O. & PLESCH, A. Turbidite basin and mass dynamics related to orogenic wedge growth: the Rhenohercynian case • SCHÄFER, F., ONCKEN, O., KEMNITZ, H. & ROMER, R. Upper-plate deformation during collisional orogeny: a case study from the German Variscides (Saxo-Thuringian Zone) • KRAWCZYK, C.M., STEIN, E., CHOI, S., OETTINGER, G., SCHUSTER, K., GÖTZE, H.-J., HAAK, V., ONCKEN, O., PRODEHL, C. & SCHULZE, A. Geophysical constraints on exhumation mechanisms of high-pressure rocks: the Saxo-Thuringian case between the Franconian Line and Elbe Zone • WERNER, O. & LIPPOLT, H.J. White-mica 40Ar/39Ar ages of Erzgebirge metamorphic rocks: simulating the chronological results by a model of Variscan crustal imbrication • FRANKE, W. & STEIN, E. Exhumation of high-grade rocks in the Saxo-Thuringian Belt: geological constraints and geodynamic concepts • HENK, A. Foreland-directed lower-crustal flow and its implications for the exhumation of high-pressure–high-temperature rocks • O´BRIEN, P.J. The fundamental Variscan problem: high-temperature metamorphism at different depths and high-pressure metamorphism at different temperatures • HENK,A., VON BLANCKENBURG, F., FINGER, F., SCHALTEGGER, U. & ZULAUF, G. Syn-convergent high-temperature metamorphism and magmatism in the Variscides: a discussion of potential heat sources • WITTENBERG, A. VELLMER, C., KERN, H. & MENGEL, K. The Variscan lower continental crust: evidence for crustal delamination from geochemical and petrophysical investigations • GERDES, A., WÖRNER, G. & FINGER, F. Hybrids, magma mixing and enriched mantle melts in post-collisional Variscan granitoids: the Rastenberg pluton, Austria • EISELE, J., GERTISSER, R. & MONTENARI, M. Geochemistry and provenance of Devono-Carboniferous volcano-sedimentary sequences from the Southern Vosges Basin and the geodynamic implications for the western Moldanubian Zone • Index


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