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Salt, Shale and Igneous Diapirs in and around Europe

Product Code: SP174
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by B. C. Vendeville (University of Texas, USA), Y. Mart (Haifa University, Israel) & J. -L. Vigneresse (University Nancy, France)
Publication Date: 11 August 2000
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The ten articles in this book describe the mode of emplacement of various types of intrusions (salt diapirs, mud volcanoes and magmatic bodies) by means of theoretical reasoning, analogue and analytical modelling, interpretation of seismic and field data, and geodetic surveying. All the articles emphasize the role of regional tectonics in driving or controlling the emplacement of the intrusions. The selection of articles includes examples from Spain, Romania, onshore and offshore Italy, the Eastern Mediterranean, Israel and Iran. Better understanding of the mode of emplacement of these intrusions has applications in hydrocarbon exploration (e.g., where salt structures or mud diapirs are present) and in the mining industry (where mineralization is related to the emplacement of batholiths). Readership: Earth scientists interested in tectonics, salt diapirs, volcanoes, magmatism and seismology. Hydrocarbon exploration and mining geologists. Also suitable for graduates and post-graduates.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-066-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-066-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 216
Weight: 0.80 kg


Introduction. Igneous intrusions: VIGNERESSE, J. L. & CLEMENS, J. D. Granitic magma ascent and emplacement: neither diapirism nor neutral buoyancy • ROMÁN-BERDIEL, T., ARANGUREN, A., CUEVAS, J., TUBÍA, J. M., GAPAIS, D. & BRUN, J.-P. Experiments on granite intrusion in transtension • MERLE, O. & DONNADIEU, F. Indentation of volcanic edifices by the ascending magma • ROSSETTI, F., FACCENNA, C., ACOCELLA, V., FUNICIELLO, R., JOLIVET, L. & SALVINI, F. Pluton emplacement in the Northern Tyrrhenian area, Italy • RABINOWITZ, N. & MART, Y. Seismic tomography of the Dead Sea region: thinned crust, anomalous velocities and possible magmatic diapirism • Salt intrusions: TALBOT, C. J., MEDVEDEV, S., ALAVI, M., SHAHRIVAR, H. & HEIDARI, E. Salt extrusion at Kuh-e-Jahani, Iran from June 1994 to November 1997 • GAULLIER, V. MART, Y., BALLAICHE, G., MASCLE, J., VENDEVILL, B., ZITTER, T. & SECOND LEG ‘PRISMED II’ SCIENTIFIC PARTY. Salt tectonics in and around the Nile deep-sea fan: insights from the PRISMED II cruise • STEPHANESCU, M., DICEA, O. & TARI, G. Influence of extension and compression on salt diapirism in its type area, East Carphathian Bend area, Romania • Shale intrusions: MIRALLES L., SANS, M., PUEYO, J. J. & SANTANACH, P.: Recrystallization salt fabric in a shear zone (Cardona diapir, southern Pyrenees, Spain) • KOPF, A. & BEHRMANN, J. H. Extrusion dynamics of mud volcanoes on the Mediterranean Ridge accretionary complex • Index. Principal authors: J. –L. Vigneresse, CREGU, France.T. Roman-Berdiel, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain.O. Merle, CNRS-OPGC-CRV, France.F. Rossetti, Universita ‘Roma Tre’ Italy. Y. Mart, University of Haifa, Israel. C. J. Talbot, Uppsala University, Sweden. V. Gaullier, Universite de Perpignan, France. G. Tari, Vanaco Energy, USA. L. Miralles, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. A. Kopf, GEOMAR, Germany.


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