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Chemical Containment of Waste in the Geosphere

Product Code: SP157
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Metcalfe and C. A. Rochelle
Publication Date: 02 September 1999
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Chemical Containment within the Geosphere deals with chemical processes within the geosphere that may be harnessed to contain a wide range of wastes, a topic of major importance for sound environmental management. Both technical and philosophical issues concerning waste containment are considered. The book contains contributions from experts in mant waste containment technologies and covers a number of issues, ranging from the regulation of radioactive waste management to the design of liners for landfills and the management of mine wastes. An introductory contribution highlights the underlying principles that are common to all forms of waste management by geological means, and that rely to some extent upon chemical containment. The remainder of the book is divided into six sections: 1. The place of chemical containment in regulatory frameworks. 2. Chemical containment properties of the deep geosphere. 3. The role of chemical containment in clay barriers. 4. Chemical containment properties of cementitious engineering barriers. 5. Containment of metalliferous wastes. 6. Investigative methods. The book will appeal to all those who are concerned with technical aspects of waste management. Established researchers will benefit from the multi-disciplinary character of the volume. Regulators and planners concerned with waste management will be able to gain an overview of major technical issues relevant to waste containment. The volume will also be a useful source for post-graduate level students of environmental science, waste management and geochemistry.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-040-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-040-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 288
Weight: 1.00 kg


Contents METCALFE, R. & ROCHELLE, C. A. The nature of chemical containment and its role relative to physical containment. The place of chemical containment in regulatory frameworks. YONG, R. N. Overview of partitioning and fate of contaminants: retention, retardation and regulatory requirements. FRANK, E. Regulatory objectives and safety requirements for the disposal of radioactive wastes in SwitzerlandThe chemical containment properties of the deep geosphere. SAVAGE, D., ARTHUR, R. C. & SAITO, S. Geochemical factors in the selection and assessment of sites for the deep disposal of radioactive wastes. ALEXANDER, W. R. & MCKINLEY, I. G. The chemical basis of near-field containment in the Swiss high-level radioactive waste disposal concept. IWATSUKI, T. & YOSHIDA, H. Characterizing the chemical containment properties of the deep geosphere: water-rock interactions in relation to fracture systems within deep crystalline rock in the Tono area, Japan. BANWART, S. A., WIKBERG, P. & PUIGDOMENSCH, I. Protecting the redox stability of a deep repository: concepts, results and experience from the Aspo hard rock laboratory. BERRY, J. A., BAKER, A. J., BOND, K. A., COWPER, M. M., JEFFERIES, N. L. & LINKLATER, C. M. The role of sorption onto rocks of the Borrowdale Volcanic Group in providing chemical containment for a potential repository at Sellafield. ROCHELLE, C. A., PEARCE, J. M. & HOLLOWAY, S. The underground sequestration of carbon dioxide: containment by chemical reactions in the deep geosphere. The role of chemical containment in clay barriers. SPOONER, A. J. & GIUSTI, L. Geochemical interactions between landfill leachate and sodium bentonite. THORNTON, S. F., BRIGHT, M. I., LERNER, D. N. & TELLAM, J. H. The geochemical engineering of landfill liners for active containment. HURST, E. L. & HOLMES, S. P. Metal retention from landfill leachate by glacial clays: laboratory experiments. DE WINDT, L., CABRERA, J. & BOISSON, J. Y. Radioactive waste containment in indurated shales: comparison between the chemical containment properties of matrix and fractures The chemical containment properties of cementitious engineered barriers. BATEMAN, K., COOMBS, P., NOY, D. J., PEARCE, J. M., WETTON, P., HAWORTH A. & LINKLATER C. Experimental simulation of the alkaline disturbed zone around a cementitious radioactive waste repository: numerical modelling and column experiments. HODGKINSON, E. S. & HUGHES, C. R. The mineralogy and geochemistry of cement/rock reactions: high-resolution studies of experimental and analogue materialsContainment of metalliferous wastes. BOWELL, R. J., WILLIAMS, K., CONNELLY, R. J., DODDS, J. E. & SADLER, P. J. K. Chemical containment of mine waste. WEST, L. J., STEWART, D. I., DUXBURY, J. R. & JOHNSTON, S. R. Toxic metal mobility and retention at industrially contaminated sites. Investigative methods REEDER, S. & CAVE, M. R. Evaluation of the containment properties of geological and engineered barriers by pore-water extraction and characterization. PLIMMER, B. R., PRINGLE, A. B. & MONCASTER, S. J. A probabilistic risk assessment methodology for landfills, with particular reference to the representation of chemical containment. Index.


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