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Mediterranean Basins: Tertiary Extension within the Alpine Orogen

Product Code: SP156
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: B. Durand, L. Jolivet, F. Horvath and M. Seranne
Publication Date: 12 October 1999
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The coexistence in space and time of growing mountain belts and actively extending basins poses a number of yet unsolved questions in terms of mechanics. This problem is particularly crucial in the Mediterranean regions, where all Cenozoic basins opened in the internal zones of mountain belts. The Tyrrhenian Sea opened in the back-arc region of the Apennines, the Aegean Sea in the back-arc domain of the Hellenides and Hellenic arc, the Pannonian Basin behind the Carpathians and the Alboran Sea between the Betics and the Rif. In some examples such as the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Aegean Sea, extension is ongoing while peripheral compression and convergence are active. The Alboran Sea and Pannonian Basin are now in a compression stage.Several models have been proposed to explain this coexistence of compression and extension: slab retreat during subduction process, detachments of a deep lithospheric root under the internal zones leading to radial extension and peripheral compression and slab detachments. This volume brings together contributions from geologists and geophysicists in the quest to solve the complex dynamic problem posed by the Mediterranean region. It presents a wealth of new data on various topics centred on the Mediterranean region from the deep mantle structure to the detailed geometry of sedimentary basins.This book results for the Integrated Basins Studies Project, which was funded by the European Commission and which involved the collaboration of over 200 researchers across Europe. A sister volume has been published - Cenozoic Foreland Basins of Western Europe. Geological Society Special Publication no. 134.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-033-9
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-033-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 584
Weight: 1.60 kg


The Gulf of Lions continental margin (NW Mediterranean) revisited by IBS: an overview • Constraints on Moho depth and crustal thickness in the Liguro-Provençal basin from a 3D gravity inversion: geodynamic implications • Constraints on the Neogene Mediterranean kinematic evolution along a 1000km transect from Iberia to Africa • Interaction between faulting, drainage and sedimentation in extensional hanging wall syncline basins: example of the Oligocene Matelles basin (Gulf of Lion rifted margin, SE France) • Alpine kinematic evolution of the western Mediterranean: a westward-directed subduction regime followed by slab roll-back and slab detachment • The petroleum systems of the Southeast Basin and Gulf of Lions (France) • Tertiary-Quaternary magmatism within the Mediterranean and surrounding regions • Crustal structure of the North Tyrrhenian Sea: first result of the multichannel seismic LISA cruise • IBS Pannonian basin project: a review of the main results and their bearings on hydrocarbon exploration • Lithospheric structure of the Pannonian basin derived from seismic, gravity and geothermal data • Early Tertiary structural evolution of the border zone between the Pannonian and Transylvanian basins • Recent tectonic stress and crustal deformation in and around the Pannonian Basin: data and models • Tertiary tectonic evolution of the Pannonian Basin system and neighbouring orogens: a new synthesis of paleostress data • Late Neogene sedimentary facies and sequences in the Pannonian Basin, Hungary • Role of unconformity-bounded units in stratigraphy of continental record: a case study from the Late Miocene of western Pannonian Basin, Hungary • Two-dimensional modelling of stratigraphy and compaction-driven fluid flow in the Pannonian Basin • The present-day tectonics of the Aegean as deduced from seismicity • Ductile extension and the formation of the Aegean Sea • New insights from 40Ar/39Ar laserprobe dating of white mica fabrics from the Pelion Massif, Pelagonian Zone, Internal Hellenides, Greece: implications for the timing of metamorphic episodes and tectonic events in the Aegean region • Tethyan sutures of northern Turkey • Petroleum systems of Alpine-Mediterranean fold belts and basins • On the origin of west-directed subduction zones and applications to the western Mediterranean


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