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Dating and Duration of Fluid Flow Events

Product Code: SP144
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. Parnell
Publication Date: 19 October 1998
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Fluid flow is fundamental to many geological processes, including the development of natural resources of hydrocarbons, ore deposits and water. Modelling of these processes requires information on the timing of fluid flow events and the interaction of fluids with surrounding rocks. In addition to isotopic methods, a diversity of approaches has been developed to assess the timing of events, including palaeomagnetism, fission track analysis and fluid inclusion studies. Many techniques also provide information on the duration of fluid flow events.The papers in this volume represent the range of approaches to determine the dating and duration of fluid flow events and fluid-rock interaction.The first overview of methods of dating fluid flow; examples of commercial application of dating methods; explanations of methodology; suitable for advanced teaching and with extensive bibliographies. Readership: This volume will be of interest to geologists in the hydrocarbon and minerals industries and in academia, and to geochemists and hydrogeologists.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-019-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-019-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 300
Weight: 0.87 kg


Contents Introduction: Approaches to dating and duration of fluid flow and fluid!rock interaction • Specific techniques for dating of fluids and fluid flow • Palaeomagnetic dating of ancient fluid-flow events in the Arbuckle Mountains, southern Oklahoma • Age and duration of the Mississippi Valley-type mineralizing fluid flow event in the Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri, USA, determined from palaeomagnetism • Dating and duration of hot fluid flow events determined using AFTA® and vitrinite reflectance-based thermal history reconstruction • The origin of helium in deep sedimentary aquifers and the problem of dating very old groundwaters • Fluid inclusion constraints on conditions and timing of hydrocarbon migration and quartz cementation in Brent Group reservoir sandstones, Columba Terrace, northern North Sea • Isotope techniques for dating of fluid flow • Timing of fluid flow in a sandstone reservoir of the north German Rotliegend (Permian) by K-Ar dating of related hydrothermal illite • Authigenic potassium feldspar: A tracer for the timing of palaeofluid flow in carbonate rocks, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria • Dating fluid flow in shear zones: Rb-Sr and U-Pb studies of syntectonic veins in the Néouvielle Massif, Pyrenees • Dating of crustal fluid flow by the Rb-Sr isotopic analysis of sphalerite: a review • Case studies assessing timing of fluid flow events • Thermal history and timing of fluid flow at the Ardèche palaeo-margin, France • Reconstructing fluid history: an integrated approach to timing fluid expulsion and migration on the Carboniferous Derbyshire Platform, England • Geology and timing of palaeohydrogeological events in the MacKenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada • Geochemical constraints on the origin and timing of palaeofluid flow in the Presqu'ile barrier reef, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin • Timing, duration and speed of oil migration • Unravelling complex filling histories by constraining the timing of events which modify oil fields after initial charge • Secondary oil migration: oil-rock contact volumes, flow behaviour and rates • On the vertical and lateral distribution of hydrocarbon migration velocities during secondary migration • Dating of Quaternary fluid flow events • Dating Quaternary flow events: a review of available methods and their application • ESR isochron dating of the Nojima fault gouge, southwest Japan, using ICP-MS: an approach to fluid flow events in the fault zone • IndexPrincipal AuthorsR. D. Elmore (University of Oklahoma, USA)D. T. A. Symons (University of Windsor, Canada)I. R. Duddy (Geotrack International Pty Ltd, Australia)D. L. Pinti (Osaka University, Japan)J. J. Wilkinson (Imperial College, University of London, UK)N. Clauer (Centre de Geochemie de la surface (CNRS), France)C. Spötl (Universitat Innsbruck, Austria)A. McCaig (University of Leeds, UK)R. D.Walshaw (University College Dublin, Ireland)M. Pagel (Universite de Paris Sud, France)C. Hollis (Badley Ashton & Associates Ltd, UK)G. A. Morris (University of Alberta, Canada)H. Qing (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)M. Lisk (CSIRO Division of PRAPCRC, Australia)D. Carruthers (Heriot-Watt University, UK)O. Sylta (IKU Petroleum research, Norway)R.Metcalfe (British Geological Survey, UK)T. Fukuchi (Yamaguchi University, Japan)


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