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Tectonic, Magmatic, Hydrothermal & Biological Segmentation at Mid Ocean Ridges

Product Code: SP118
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C.J. MacLeod, P. Tyler and C.L. Walker
Publication Date: 15 November 1996
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We now recognize that mid-ocean ridges are not simple, two-dimensional features, but are instead partitioned into morphologically distinct segments on a variety of scales. Variations in axial morphology reflect differences in the structure of the magma reservoirs and in the nature of mantle upwelling beneath the ridge. Segment ends may be starved of magma, and spreading accommodated by tectonic stretching as well as by magmatic accretion. The location of the magmatic heat source and the distribution of permeability within the segment strongly control the geometry of seawater circulation in the crust and locus of hydrothermal discharge. In turn, the mechanisms of faunal colonization of vent sites and the evolutionary history of vent organisms depend strongly upon the spatial distribution of black smoker vents and the hydrodynamics of dispersal of the vent fluids. Segmentation, therefore, plays a vital role in the inter-relationship between all tectonic, magmatic, hydrothermal and biological processes at mid-ocean ridges. The recent research presented in this book, much of it carried out under the aegis of the British mid-ocean ridge ‘BRIDGE’ programme, examines this inter-relationship with the aim of furthering our understanding of the causes and consequences ofridge axial segmentation.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-72-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-72-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 272
Weight: 0.69 kg


The Southeast Indian Ridge between 127º and 132º40’E: contrasts in segmentation characteristics and implications for crustal accretion • Segmentation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of the Azores, based on acoustic classification of TOBI data • Initiation and evolution of boundary wall faults along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 25-29ºN • Bathymetric segmentation and faulting on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 24º00’N to 24º40’N • Detailed volcanic geology of the MARNOK area, Mid-Atlantic Ridge north of Kane transform • Magmatic segmentation of mid-ocean ridges: a review • Restricted melting under the very slow spreading Southest Indian Ridge • A review of the petrology of harzburgites at Hess Deep and Garrett Deep: implications for mantle processes beneath segments of the East Pacific Rise • A response of ridge-crest hydrothermal systems to segmented episodic magma supply • Hydrothermal activity and ridge segmentation on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: a tale of two hot-spots? • Influence of axial segmentation on hydrothermal circulation at fast-spreading ridges: insights from Hess Deep • Hydrothermal activity and segmentation in the Magnitogorsk-West Mugodjarian zone of the margins of the Urals palaeo-ocean • Ocean-ridge segmentation and vent tubeworms (Vestimentifera) in the NE Pacific • Plate tectonic history and hot vent biogeography • The hydrothermal imprint on life: did heatshock proteins, metalloproteins and photosynthesis begin around hydrothermal vents?


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