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Modern Developments In Structural Interpretation, Validation and Modelling

Product Code: SP099
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P.G. Buchanan and D.A. Nieuwland
Publication Date: 01 October 1998
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The book provides anyone wishing to undertake structural interpretation in complex areas with a comprehensive review of the latest techniques available.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-43-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-43-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 376
Weight: 0.90 kg


NIEUWLAND, D. A. & BUCHANAN, P. G. Introduction • Seismic interpretation • HORS CROFT, T. R. & BAIN, J. E. Validation of seismic data processing and interpretation with integration of gravity and magnetic data • PICKERING, G., BULL, J. M & SANDERSON, D. J. Scaling of fault displacement and implications for the estimates of sub-seismic strain • W ALSH, J. J., WATTERSON, J., CHILDS, C. & NICOL, A. Ductile strain effects in the analysis of seismic interpretations of normal fault systems • Palinspastic reconstruction and forward modelling • BUCHANAN, J. G. The application of cross-section construction and validation within exploration and production: a discussion  • COWARD, M. P. Balancing sections through inverted basins • GROSHONG, R. H. Construction and validation of ex tensional cross sections using lost area and strain, with application to the Rhine graben • HAUGE, T. A. & GRAY, G. G. A critique of techniques for modelling normal-fault and rollover geometries • HILL, K. C. & COOPER, G. T. A strategy for palinspastic restoration of inverted basins: thermochronology and structural analyses in SE Australia • MORLEY, C. K. Discussion of potential errors in fault heave methods for extension estimates in rifts, with particular reference to fractal fault populations and inherited fabrics • SKUCE, A. G. Forward modelling of compaction above normal faults: an example from the Sirte Basin, Libya • ROWAN, M. G. Benefits and limitations of section restoration in areas of extensional salt tectonics: an example from offshore Louisiana • Fault populations and geometric analyses • CARTWRIGHT, J. A., MANSFIELD, C. & TRUDGILL, B. D. The growth of faults by segment linkage • KERR, H. G. & WHITE, N. Kinematic modelling of normal fault geometries using inverse theory • NEEDHAM, D. T., YIELDING, G. & FREEMAN, D. Analysis of fault geometry and displacement patterns • Analogue modelling • MCCLAY, K. R. Recent advances in analogue modelling: uses in section interpretation and validation • VERSCHUREN, M., NIEUWLAND, D. & GAST, J. Multiple detachment levels in thrust tectonics: sandbox experiments and palinspastic reconstruction • Mathematical modelling • BARNICHON, J. D. & CHARLiER, R. Finite element modelling of the competition between shear bands in the early stages of thrusting: strain localization analysis and constitutive law influence • BEEKMAN, F., BULL, J. M., CLOETINGH, S. & SCRUTTON, R. A. Crustal fault reactivation facilitating lithospheric folding/buckling in the central Indian Ocean • HARDY, S., POBLET, J., MCCLAY, K. & WALTHAM, D. Mathematical modelling of growth strata· associated with fault-related fold structures • TER VOORDE, M. & CLOETINGH, S. Numerical modelling of extension in faulted crust: effects of localized and regional deformation on basin stratigraphy • VAN WEES, J. D., CLOETINGH, S. & DE VINCENTE, G. The role of pre-existing weak zones in basin evolution: constraints from 2D finite element and 3D flexure modelling • Regional analyses and remote sensing • INSLEY, M. W. The use of satellite imagery in the validation and verification of structural interpretations for hydrocarbon exploration in Pakistan and Yemen • TURNER, J. P. Gravity-driven nappes and their relation to palaeobathymetry: examples from West Africa and Cardigan Bay, UK • Index 


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