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Geochemistry of Reservoirs, The

Product Code: SP086
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J.M. Cubitt and W.A. England
Publication Date: 25 May 1995
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This title is out of print. It is available electronically via the Lyell Collection.

This is the first collection of papers to be devoted to reservoir geochem­istry, which is an area of growing scientific and economic importance. The main aim of studying reservoir geochemistry is to understand the distributions and origin(s) of the petroleums, waters and minerals in the reservoir, and to account for their possible spatial and compositional variation. This is ideally related to basin history and location and source­rock kitchens and migration pathways. 

As well as being of interest in its own right, reservoir geochemistry has many important practical applications during petroleum exploration, appraisal and development. The most important uses are related to proving or disproving connectivity between different regions of a partic­ular well or horizon. During exploration, reservoir geochemistry can indicate the direction from which a field filled, pointing the way for future wells. During production, studies of variations in composition with time may also be made, although this is a little-studied area at present. 

This book gives a snapshot of current academic and industrial research into reservoir geochemistry. The volume opens with an introductory chapter by the editors, followed by seven papers on general reviews and new techniques and then eight case studies.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-26-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-26-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 328
Weight: 0.80 kg


ENGLAND, W. A. & CUBITI, J. M. Geochemistry ofreservoirs: an introduction • General reviews and new techniques • LARTER, S. R. & APLIN, A C. Reservoir geochemistry: methods, applications and opportunities • BJ0RLYKKE, K., AAGAARD, P., EGEBERG, P. K. & SIMMONS, S. P. Geochemical constraints from formation water analyses from the North Sea and Gulf Coast Basins on quartz, feldspar and illite precipitation in reservoir rocks • ANSSIMOV, L. Geochemical criteria for reservoir characterization • SMALLEY, P. C., DODD, T. A., STOCKDEN, 1. L., RAHEIM, A. & MEARNS, E. W. Compositional heterogeneities in oilfield formation waters: identifying them, using them • PHILP, R. P., BISHOP, A N., DEL RIo, J.-C. & ALLEN, J. Characterization of high molecular weight hydrocarbons (>C40) in oils and reservoir rocks • WILHELMS, A & LARTER, S. R. Overview of the geochemistry of some tar mats from the North Sea and USA: implications for tar-mat origin • LI, M., LARTER, S. R., STODDART, D. & BJOR0Y, M. Fractionation of pyrrolic nitrogen compounds in petroleum during migration: derivation of migration-related geochemical parameters • Case studies • McNEIL, B., SHAW, H. F. & RANKIN, A H. Diagenesis of the Rotliegendes Sandstones in the V-Fields, southern North Sea: a fluid inclusion study • OXTOBY, N. H., MITCHELL, A. W. & GLUYAS, J. G. The filling and emptying of the Ula Oilfield: fluid inclusion constraints • HORSTAD, 1., LARTER, S. R. & MILLS, N. Migration of hydrocarbons in the Tampen Spur area, Norwegian North Sea: a reservoir geochemical evaluation • ENGLAND, W. A, MUGGERIDGE, A H., CUFFORD, P. J. & TANG, Z. Modelling density­driven mixing rates in petroleum reservoirs on geological timescales, with application to detection of barriers in the Forties Field (UKCS) • KARLSEN, D. A, NYLAND, B., FLOOD, B., OHM, S. E., BREKKE, T., OLSEN, S. & BACKER-OWE, K. Petroleum geochemistry of the Haltenbanken, Norwegian Continental Shelf • STODDART, D. P., HALL, P. B., LARTER, S. R., BRASHER, J. & BJOR0Y, M. The reservoir geochemistry of the Eldfisk Field, Norwegian North Sea • MASON, P. c., BURWOOD, R. & MYCKE, B. The reservoir geochemistry and petroleum charging histories of Palaeogene-reservoired fields in the Outer Witch Ground Graben • APLIN, A C. & COLEMAN, M. L. Sour gas and water chemistry of the Bridport Sands reservoir, Wytch Farm, UK • Index 


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