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Phosphorite: Research & Development

Product Code: SP052
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A J G Notholt & I Jarvis
Publication Date: 01 September 2000
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The aim of this volume is to present the scientific results and ideas that have arisen from research carried out in recent years by geological surveys, universities and other establishments in many parts of the world. 

The occurrence of phosphorites in a sedimentary succession is almost certainly indicative of dramatic changes in palaeoenvironment and sedimentation. Phosphorites also provide the basis for the World's fertilizer industry forming the backbone of modern intensive agriculture. Few naturally-occurring raw materials have offered such a combination of great socio-economic importance and fundamental scientific significance. 

This volume starts with a comprehensive review of phosphorite research by the former leaders of International Geological Correlation Project 156 on Phosphorites. 21 papers by an international list of contributors follow. These cover many aspects of phosphorite research and discuss phosphorite occurrences in many parts of the world. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-903317-53-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-903317-53-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 330
Weight: 0.92 kg


Preface• COOK, P.J., SHERGOLD, J.H., BURNETT, W.C. & RIGGS, S.R. Phosphorite Research: a historical overview • McCLELLAN, G.H. & VAN KAUWENBERGH, S.J. Mineralogy of Sedimentary apatites • LUCAS, J., EL FALEH, E.M. & PREVOT, L. Experimental study of the substitution of Ca by Sr and Ba in synthetic apatites • NATHAN, Y. Humic substances in phosphorites: occurrence, characterization and Significance • O’BRIEN, G.W., MILNES, A.R., VEEH, H.H., HEGGIE, D.T., RIGGS, S.R., CULLEN, D.J., MARSHALL, J.F. & COOK, P.J. Sedimentation dynamics and redox iron-cycling: Controlling factors for the apatite-glauconite association on the East Australian Continental margin • HEGGIE, D.T., SKYRING, G.W., O’BRIEN, G.W. REIMERS, C., HERCZEG, A., MORIARTY, D.J.W., BURNETT, W.C., & MILNES, A.R. Organic carbon cycling and Modern phosphorite formation on the East Australian continental margin: an overview• McARTHUR, J.M., & HERCZEG, A. Diagenetic stability of the isotopic composition of Phosphate-oxygen: palaeoenvironmental implications • BALSON, P.C. Episodes of phosphogenesis and phosphorite concretion formation in the North Sea Tertiary • VAN KAUWENBERGH, S.J. & McCLELLAN, G.H. Comparative geology and Mineralogy of the southeastern United States and Togo phosphorites • LAMBOY, M. Microbial mediation in phosphatogenesis: new data from the Cretaceous Phosphatic chalks of northern France • LEWY, Z. Pebbly phosphate and granular phosphorite (Late Cretaceous, southern Israel) And their bearing on phosphatization processes • NTHAN, Y., SOUDRY, D. & AVIGOUR, A. Geological significance of carbonate Substitution in apatites: Israeli phosphorites as an example • ABED, A.M. & FAKHOURI, K. Role of microbial processes in the genesis of Jordanian Upper Cretaceous phosphorites • GLENN, C.R. Depositional sequences of the Duwi, Sibaiya and Phosphate Formations, Egypt: phosphogenesis and glauconitization in a Late Cretaceous epeiric sea • ZANIN, YU. N., ZVEREV, K.V. & SOLOTCHINA, E.P. Clay minerals phosphorite Genesis in the Upper Cretaceous of the northern Siberian Platform • FOLLMI, K.B. Condensation and phosphogenesis: example of the Helvetic mid-Cretaceous (northern Tethyan margin) • ILYIN, A.V. & HEINSALU, H.N. Early Ordovician shelly phosphorites of the Baltic Basin • HOWARD, P.F. The distribution of phosphatic facies in the Georgia, Wiso and Daly River Basins, Northern Australia• DONNELLY, T.H., SHERGOLD, J.H., SOUTHGATE, P.N. & BARNES, C.J. Events Leading to global phosphogenesis around the Proterozoic/Cambrian boundary• BRASIER, M.D. Phosphogenic events and skeletal preservation across the Precambrian- Cambrian boundary interval • CHOUDHURI, R. Two decades of phosphorite investigations in India &bull SISODIA, M.S. & CHAUHAN, D.S. The influence of magmesium ions during the Formation of stromatolitic phosphorites of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India &bull ; Index


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