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Already Chartered?

The award of Chartered Geologist acknowledges that you have reached an important professional milestone.  It represents the highest standards of professionalism, up-to-date expertise and knowledge.

As a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist you can:

  • Use the post-nominal letters CGeol or CSci
  • Use the CGeol or CSci logo in your e-signature - CGeol can also order an ink-stamp for paper documents
  • Be listed in the online register of Chartered Fellows

In order to retain your status as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist you must:

  • Continue as a Fellow of the Geological Society by paying your annual subscription fees and the Chartership supplement
  • Abide by the Society’s Code of Conduct
  • Continue with and maintain records of your CPD activity – each year you will be asked to affirm this action and a percentage of Chartered Fellows will have their personal development record audited

In addition, it is important that the Society has your up-to-date contact details as if we are unable to contact you, eg. to notify of outstanding subscription fees, we may be obliged to withdraw your Chartered status. 

Post-Chartership qualifications

As a Chartered Geologist or Scientist, the door is now open to further qualifications such as: 

  • SiLC (Specialist in Land Condition), 
  • RoGEP (Register of Ground Engineering Professionals) 
  • and CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). 
CGeol also entitles you to become a European Geologist (EurGeol) under the auspices of the European Federation of Geologists.

More about post-Chartership qualifications >>

Become a Scrutineer

Scrutineers are Chartered Geologists and Chartered Scientists who have experience in assessing competencies and who are willing and able to interview and provide advice for Chartership applicants.

Chartered Fellows with over 5 years’ experience post-Chartership, or with a considerable number of years’ experience pre-Chartership, are encouraged to apply to join the panel.

More about Scrutineering >>


If your Chartership status has lapsed for less than three years, you can apply to be reinstated by completing one of the following forms (as appropriate).

Application for CGeol Reinstatement

Application for CSci Reinstatement

If your Chartered status has lapsed for more than three years you will need to make a full re-application. See the 10 step guide.

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Chartership Stamp & Logo

CGeol Stamp

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Working Abroad?

Reciprocal Arrangements_Logos

The Geological Society has agreed reciprocal arrangements with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the American Institute of Professional Geologists and the Institute of Geologists of Ireland under which we mutually recognise the equivalence of each other’s professional qualification.

How to add professional credentials to LinkedIn

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Adding your professional credentials to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to promote your skills, knowledge, and qualifications. It is also a great way for you to stand out to potential employers.