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Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World, Part 4: Antarctica, Asia and Europe (excluding the former USSR), Australasia and Oceanic Islands

Product Code: MPAR4
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles
Author/Editor: By A.R. Woolley
Publication Date: 09 September 2019 (not yet published)
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The alkaline igneous rocks and carbonatites are compositionally and mineralogically the most diverse of all igneous rocks and, apart from their scientific interest, are of major, and growing, economic importance. They are important repositories of certain metals and commodities, indeed the only significant sources of some of them, and include Nb, the rare earths, Cu, V, diamond, phosphate, vermiculite, bauxite, raw materials for the manufacture of ceramics, and potentially Th and U. The economic potential of these rocks is now widely appreciated, particularly since the commencement of the mining of the Palabora carbonatite for copper and a host of valuable by-products. Similarly, the crucial economic dominance of rare earth production from carbonatite-related occurrences in China, has stimulated the world-wide hunt for similar deposits.

This volume describes and provides ready access to the literature for all known occurrences of alkaline igneous rocks and carbonatites of Antarctica, Asia and Europe excluding the former USSR, Australasia and oceanic islands. More than 1,200 occurrences from 59 countries are outlined together with those of  57 oceanic islands and island groups. The descriptions include geographical coordinates and information on general geology, rock types, petrography, mineralogy, age and economic aspects with the principal references cited. There are 429 geological and distribution maps and a locality index.

As has been demonstrated by the three earlier volumes, the present book is likely to be of considerable interest to mineral exploration companies, as there are no comprehensive published reviews of the economic aspects of the alkaline rocks. It will also interest research scientists in the fields of igneous petrology and volcanology,  and geologists concerned with the regional distribution of igneous rocks and their geodynamic relationships.

Previous volume in the series: Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World, Part 3: Africa (parts 1 and 2 were not published by the Geological Society)

Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World, Part 3: Africa

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204455
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 562
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