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The Geochemistry and Geophysics of the Antarctic Mantle

Product Code: M0056
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.P. Martin and W. van der Wal
Publication Date: 14 February 2023
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The first printing of this title contained an incorrect description on the back cover. Please download this pdf and print out the corrected colour or mono version.

Memoir 56

This Memoir is the first dedicated to the Antarctic mantle. It is a cross-disciplinary reference work combining geochemistry and geophysics to characterize Antarctic mantle properties. Through observations and modelling the mantle structures, compositions and dynamics are characterized at regional and continental scales by subject experts. 

The Memoir reviews all known occurrences of sub-continental mantle xenoliths in igneous rocks. These studies are presented by region as southern or northern Victoria Land, Marie Byrd Land, the Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands. Sub-oceanic mantle in tectonically emplaced and abyssal settings is also considered where known. This is complemented by a continental-scale mantle xenolith overview, mantle characteristics from igneous rocks and a quantitative mantle fabric study. State-of-the-art, continental-scale geophysical overviews of the Antarctic mantle are presented by discipline as seismology, gravity and magnetics, magnetotellurics, rheology, glacial isostatic adjustment, mantle convection and palaeotopography. This Memoir will be the reference for all researchers interested in the Antarctic mantle and its role in dynamics that shape the Antarctic surface and ice sheets.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 08-Feb-2023.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204677
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1.4 kg




Martin, A. P., van der Wal, W. and de Boer, B. An introduction to the geochemistry and geophysics of the Antarctic mantle

Mantle properties derived from mantle xenoliths in igneous rocks and from volcanic rocks

Foley, S. F., Andronikov, A. V., Halpin, J. A., Daczko, N. R. and Jacob, D. E. Mantle rocks in East Antarctica

Martin, A. P., Cooper, A. F., Price, R. C., Doherty, C. L. and Gamble, J. A. A review of mantle xenoliths in volcanic rocks from southern Victoria Land, Antarctica

Coltorti, M., Bonadiman, C., Casetta, F., Faccini, B., Giacomoni, P. P., Pelorosso, B. and Perinelli, C. Nature and evolution of the northern Victoria Land lithospheric mantle (Antarctica) as revealed by ultramafic xenoliths

Handler, M. R., Wysoczanski, R. J. and Gamble, J. A. Marie Byrd Land lithospheric mantle: a review of the xenolith record

Leat, P. T., Ross, A. J. and Gibson, S. A. Ultramafic mantle xenoliths in the Late Cenozoic volcanic rocks of the Antarctic Peninsula and Jones Mountains, West Antarctica

Delpech, G., Scott, J. M., Grégoire, M., Moine, B. N., Li, D., Liu, J., Pearson, D. G., van der Meer, Q. H. A., Waight, T. E., Michon, G., Guillaume, D., O’Reilly, S. Y., Cottin, J.-Y. and Giret, A. The subantarctic lithospheric mantle

Panter, K. S. and Martin, A. P. West Antarctic mantle deduced from mafic magmatism

Chatzaras, V. and Kruckenberg, S. C. Effects of melt-percolation, refertilization and deformation on upper mantle seismic anisotropy: constraints from peridotite xenoliths, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

Mantle properties derived from geophysical methods

Wannamaker, P. E., Stodt, J. A., Hill, G. J., Maris, V. and Kordy, M. A. Thermal regime and state of hydration of the Antarctic upper mantle from regional-scale electrical properties

Wiens, D. A., Shen, W. and Lloyd, A. J. The seismic structure of the Antarctic upper mantle

Pappa, F. and Ebbing, J. Gravity, magnetics and geothermal heat flow of the Antarctic lithospheric crust and mantle

Paxman, G. J. G. Antarctic palaeotopography

Bredow, E., Steinberger, B., Gassmöller, R. and Dannberg, J. Mantle convection and possible mantle plumes beneath Antarctica – insights from geodynamic models and implications for topography

Ivins, E. R., van der Wal, W., Wiens, D. A., Lloyd, A. J. and Caron, L. Antarctic upper mantle rheology

Scheinert, M., Engels, O., Schrama, E. J. O., van der Wal, W. and Horwath, M. Geodetic observations for constraining mantle processes in Antarctica

van der Wal, W., Barletta, V., Nield, G. and van Calcar, C. Glacial isostatic adjustment and post-seismic deformation in Antarctica


Martin, A. P. A review of the composition and chemistry of peridotite mantle xenoliths in volcanic rocks from Antarctica and their relevance to petrological and geophysical models for the lithospheric mantle



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