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Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology

Product Code: INDMN
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P. W. Scott (University of Exeter) and C.M. Bristow (University of Exeter)
Publication Date: 24 June 2002
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Industrial Minerals, including construction raw materials, provides the bulk of the solid minerals required by most developed countries, both in tonnage and value. In other countries, the discovery and extraction of industrial minerals is an essential stage in economic development. This book contains a comprehensive coverage of the subjects that occupy professional geoscientists working in industrial minerals and the extractive industry. It includes descriptions of the geology of many deposits, country and regional reviews of industrial minerals, mineral economics, case histories of extraction, techniques for exploration and evaluation, examples of quarry and pit design, risk management, minerals planning/permitting and legislation, the environmental impact of mineral extraction, and mine waste and by-product utilization. The book results from a unique international event which combined the 36th North American Forum on the geology of Industrial Minerals with the 11th UK Extractive Industry Geology Conference. Papers by leading experts from industry, consultancies, government bodies and academia, based in Europe, North America and elsewhere are included. The book will appeal to all professional geoscientists involved with industrial minerals and the extractive industry and others, including mining engineers, planners, mineral economists and environmental geoscientists.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-099-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-099-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 376
Weight: 1.65 kg


Introduction Ethics and geosciences in the extractive industries An overview of aggregate resources in the United States The ball clay and china clay industries of southwest England in 2000 Industrial minerals associated with ultramafic rocks in Norway The geology of roofing slate Patterns of clay resource utilization in the UK brick industry Perlite deposits and market trends in North America Salt resources and production in the United States Borate deposits in California: past, present and future Ochre: a natural iron oxide in the coloured pigment market Manganese: past, present, future and applied geology Industrial minerals in the western Canada sedimentary basin Industrial minerals in the 21st Century: some observations on future demand and supply A review of Greek industrial minerals A review of industrial minerals in Sweden: deposits and production 1999 Perspectives of the Finnish industrial minerals industry Industrial minerals development in Saudi Arabia Aspects of coal geology in the Western Interior Coal Region, USA Rock slope stability: a case study at Coles Quarry, Backwell, North Somerset An investigation of steep unstable slopes above a quarry face The hydogeological effect of quarrying karstified limestone operational requirements for monitoring and mitigation Value added refractory dolomite: a case study The chemical characteristics and development potential of magnesite deposits in British Columbia Raw materials used for brick manufacture by the Glen-Gery Corporation, northeast and midwest USA Practical petrography: the modern assessment of aggregates for alkali-reactivity potential A century of fire and brimstone: the rise and fall of the Frasch sulphur industry of the Gulf of Mexico Basin Montana sapphires and speculation on their origin Models and domains: tools to help realize the industrial mineral potential of the developing world Kaolin deposits associated with pegmatites from east-northeast Brazil Developing lifecycle models for speciality clay deposits: applications of trace element geochemistry to kaolinite deposits Field evaluation of fine-grained industrial minerals The application of manetic susceptibility in exploring for soapstone and talc deposits in eastern Finland Resource modelling at Talc de Luzenac, France Application of hazard and risk assessment techniques to United Kingdom quarry slopes Rock slope risk management and the Quarries Regulations, 1999 Living with the 199 Quarries Regulations: a practical approach Landscape replication in the Welsh Valleys: the extension of Hafod Quarry An overview of reclamation law dealing with mineral resource development in the USA Opencast restoration for the 21st century: an evaluation of stakeholders' expectations The application of mineral information management and delivery systems in the sustainable management of mineral resources Strictly for the birds? The EC Bird-Protection Directive (79/409/EEC) and the cement industry in southeastern Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany Managing the perception of geological hazards The ecological benefits of quarrying: potential for increase in biodiversity resulting from mineral extraction Brick making: the ultimate waste repository The utilization of blastfurnace and steel making slags as aggregates for construction Fly ash utilization in the Western United States Waste materials from pegmatites and others in ENE Brazil: economic and environmental benefits Synthesis of high added value zeolites from perlite and expanded perlite waste materials Development of saleable mineral products from quarry waste


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