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Studies in Volcanology: The Legacy of George Walker

Product Code: IAV002
Series: IAVCEI Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T Thordarson, S Self, G Larsen, S K Rowland and A Hoskuldsson
Publication Date: 07 August 2009
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Special Publication of IAVCEI No. 2

Professor George Patrick Leonard Walker was one of the fathers of modern quantitative volcanology and arguably the foremost volcanologist of the twentieth century. In his long career, George studied a wide spectrum of volcanological problems and in doing so influenced almost every branch of the field. This volume, which honours his memory and his contributions to the field of volcanology, contains a collection of papers inspired by, and building upon, many of the ideas previously developed by George. Many of the contributors either directly studied under and worked with George, or were profoundly influenced by his ideas. The topics broadly fall under the three themes of lava flows and effusion, explosive volcanism, and volcanoes and their infrastructure.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-280-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-280-9
Publisher: GSL on behalf of IAVCEI
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 416
Weight: 1.10 kg



Contribution of George Patrick Leonard Walker to volcanology

The legacy of George Walker to volcanology, R S J Sparks

Features and emplacement modes of lava flows

The endogenous growth of pahoehoe lava lobes and morphology of lava-rise edges, G P L Walker
Effusion rate controls on lava flow length and the role of heat loss: a review, A J L Harris & S K Rowland
Effusive activity in the 1963-1967 Surtsey eruption, Iceland: flow emplacement and growth of small lava shields, T Thordarson & O Sigmarsson
Segregations in Surtsey lavas (Iceland) reveal extreme magma differentiation during late stage flow emplacement, O Sigmarsson T Thordarson & S P Jakobsson

Processes, styles and hazards of explosive volcanism

Pyroclastic deposits and lava flows from the 1759-1774 eruption of El Jorullo, Mexico: aspects of 'violent Stromholian' activity and comparison with Paricutin, S K Rowland, Z Jurado-Chichay, G Ernst & G P L Walker
Eruption mechanisms during the climax of the Tarawera 1886 basaltic Plinian eruption inferred from microtextoral characteristics of the deposits, J E Sable, B F Houghton, C J N Wilson & R J Carey
An investigation of Vulcanian eruption dynamics using laboratory analogue experiments and scaling analysis, A B Clarke, J C Phillips & K N Chojnickt
Patterns of explosive activity deduced from fall deposits in frequently active volcanic regions, L Wilson & G P L Walker
GPR-derived fades architectures: a new perspective on mapping pyroclastic flow deposits, N J Cassidy, E S Calder, A Paver & L Wooller
Assessing the pyroclastic flow hazards from dome collapse at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, G Wadge
Volcanism in the central Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: tempo, styles and controls, C J N Wilson, D M Gravley, G S Leonard & J V Rowland
A genetic classification of collapse calderas based on field studies, and analogue and theoretical modeling, J Martí A Geyer & A Folch

Infrastructures and processes of volcanic provinces and volcanoes

Hydrostatic principles of volcanic systems, E Canón-Tapia
Physical volcanology of continental large igneous provinces: update and review, J D L White, S E Bryan, P-S Ross, S Self & T Thordarson
Central volcanoes as indicators for the spreading rate in Iceland, Á Hjartarson
Effects of dyke emplacement and plate pull on mechanical interaction between volcanic systems
and central volcanoes in Iceland, A Gudmundsson, N Friese, R Andrew, S L Philipp, G Ertl & L Letourneur
The infrastructure of Geitafell Volcano, Southeast Iceland, S Burchardt & A Gudmundsson
A pictoral summary of the life and work of George Patrick Leonard Walker, S K Rowland & R S J Sparks


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