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   At the forefront of energy geoscience...

The Energy Group aims to encourage the sharing and dissemination of information at the leading edge of energy geoscience. The extended abstract books for conferences from 2016 to the present are available to download. There is also a selection of related documents that may be of interest to our members. 

Abstract books for future Energy Group events will be posted on this page as soon as they become available, so please check back regularly.

If you have any comments regarding this page (or any of the content featured on it), or would like to request conference information or material from 2015 and before, please contact [email protected].

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23-24 January

Stratigraphy in Modern Geoscience: methodologies, application and future relevance

31 January - 1 February

Geoscience driving the North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean Energy Hub

21-22 May

Tectonic Stress: from the lithosphere to the wellbore

4-6 June 

Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste


4-5 July 2023

Natural Hydrogen: A New Frontier for Energy Geoscience

14-15 September 2023

CO2 Storage Efficiency: Challenges with standards and consistency in capacity estimations

24-25 October 2023

Seismic Imaging: Applications in the energy transition and beyond

20-22 November 2023

10th UK Geothermal Energy Symposium


26 January 2022

Energy Transition Series 1 event on Geothermal Energy

22 April 2022

The State of the Planet

28-29 April 2022

Applicability of Hydrocarbon Subsurface Workflows to CCS - hybrid conference

11-12 May 2022

Development and Production Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs -hybrid conference

8-9 September 2022

The impacts of volcanism on sedimentary basins and their energy resources

14-15 November 2022

9th UK Geothermal Symposium

23-25 November 2022

Oceanic Gateways: Modern and Ancient Analogues