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   At the forefront of energy geoscience...

Each year the Group makes awards in recognition of achievements and talent of individuals within the energy geoscience industry. 

2024 Awards

Nominations for the 2024 Energy Group Awards are now OPEN. Deadline is 1 March 

Energy Group Medal Award

The Energy Group Medal is an annual award presented to individuals with a geoscience background who have made an outstanding contribution to the energy industry. 

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Guidance notes

Early Career Energy Geoscientist Award

The Early Career Energy Geoscientist Award is an annual award presented to recognise Energy Geoscientists in the early stages of their career. Nominees must be within ten years (full time equivalent) of the award of their first degree in geoscience or a cognate subject, and either have already made a significant contribution to the understanding of Energy geoscience or be an emerging talent who is making a significant impact in the field. 

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Guidance notes 

2023 winners

Energy Group Medal Award

Marie Cowan

Dr Marie Cowan has been Director of the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland since 2014 and in addition is Team Leader for the Energy, Minerals and Waste Team. Marie serves as a member of the BGS Senior Management Board, an official of the Department for the Economy for Northern Ireland and is responsible for delivering the science contract between BGS/UKRI and the DoE.  Marie’s role as GSNI Director places her at the forefront of managing the Geothermal Demonstrators (NI Executive’s Energy Strategy Action Plan 2022) program and team. She feeds the work of this group into the development of energy policy in NI and has been working with the Department to include geothermal on the new EU PEACE PLUS Programme, which was allocated 20M Euros for geothermal.

Marie is an outstanding female role model who navigates the delicate position of uniting Northern Ireland with energy policy makers in both Great Britain and in the Republic of Ireland.

Early Career Energy Geoscientist Award

Natalie Farrell

Natalie Farrell graduated BSc (Liverpool) in 2006 and PhD (Aberdeen) in 2015. Between these she worked in the petroleum industry but since 2010 via part-time working has taken significant time out for maternity leave and to devote time to childcare (details: see CV). She now holds a prestigious Leverhulme individual fellowship at Manchester. Her research has been strongly energy oriented, focusing on fluid flows around faults, fault sealing and CCS reservoir leakage, taking field and experimental approaches, and always with regard to societal implications. Her publications have proved impactful and highly regarded, attracting awards (JSG student author and TSG Ramsay medal) and invited presentations. Prof J. Evans (U. Utah) drew attention to her developments from presently simplistic fault-seal methodologies, by taking into account in-situ alteration and deformation effects and addressing the roles of mineral compositions on fault-seal behaviour. Her 2014 paper on anisotropic fluid flow around faults has become a standard reference paper for oil companies including BP with over 130 citations. Her present experimental rock mechanics research Natalie takes a highly innovative approach to understanding the behaviour of fault rocks in chemically reactive environments, that will be of immense importance to engineering in a rapidly diversifying subsurface environment.

Past Award Winners

Energy Group Medal Award

2022 Stuart Haszeldine

2021 Philip Ringrose

Early Career Energy Geoscientist Award

2022 Munira Raji

2021 Lucy Cotton

Lifetime Achievement

2018 Jen Brzozowska
2017 Tony Doré
2014 Richard Hardman

Petroleum Group Medal

2019 Kitty Hall

2018 Richard Swarbrick
2017 Jonathan Craig
2016 Gro Haatvedt
2015 Alastair Fraser
2014 Mike Daly

Silver Medal

2013 Peter Rose
2012 John Underhill
2011 Malcolm Brown
2010 Joe Cartwright
2009 Bruce Levell
2008 Tony Hayward
2007 Tony Dore
2006 Roy Franklin OBE
2005 Mike Watts
2004 Alan Booth
2003 Dick Selley
2002 Richard Hardman
2001 Harold Reading
2000 Ken Glennie
1999 David Roberts
1998 John Martin
1997 Robert Stoneley
1996 Malcolm Pattinson
1995 John Brooks
1994 Nigel Anstey
1993 Ian Maycock
1992 Myles Bowen
1991 Victor Colter

Young Petroleum Geoscientist of the Year

2019 Scott Liebnitz

2018 Camille Burgess
2017 David Riley
2016 Benjamin Taylor
2015 Ceri Griffith-Swain
2014 Mehdi Yusifov
2013 Fiona Fairhurst

Young Explorer

2011 David Fisher
2010 David Jones
2009 Barnaby Roome
2008 Jeremy Lynch
2007 Kristan Reimann
2006 Bryan Ritchie
2005 John Smallwood
2004 Mark Dalrymple
2003 Simon Stewart