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Whitaker Medal

The Whitaker Medal is awarded in memory of the distinguished geologist William Whitaker, and was first awarded by the Institution of Water Engineers in 1930 to R.C.S. Walters for his paper on the hydrogeology of the Chalk in England.

Since that time, the Institution and its successors awarded the Medal a further 14 times to a total of 24 individuals. Since 1996, the Medal has been awarded by the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society in recognition of an outstanding contribution to hydrogeology.

Please see our guidance on the submission of nominations below.

Medal recipients

Awards made by the Hydrogeological Group since 1996

  • 2019: R Brassington
  • 2018: P Younger
  • 2017: J Dottridge
  • 2016: J H Tellam
  • 2012: P A Marsland
  • 2011: K M Hiscock
  • 2010: J Aldrick
  • 2009: J A Barker
  • 2008: J Chilton
  • 2007: R C Harris
  • 2005: G Williams
  • 2004: G P Jones
  • 2002: A C Skinner
  • 2000: J D Mather
  • 1999: W M Edmunds
  • 1997: L Clark
  • 1996: M Price

Awards made by the IWE and IWES from 1930 to 1985

Year Author(s) Title
1985  P G Eccles  Sulby reservoir, Isle of Man: design and construction 
1983  K R Rushton, E J Smith and L M Tomlinson  An improved understanding of flow in a limestone aquifer using field evidence and mathematical models 
1982  R J E Hawnt, J B Joseph and R J Flavin  Experience with borehole recharge in the Lee Valley 
1981  J W Lloyd  The importance of drift deposit influences on the hydrogeology of major British aquifers 
1980  K J Edworthy and R A Downing  Artificial groundwater recharge and its relevance in Britain 
1976  P E R Lovelock, M Price and T K Tate  Groundwater conditions in the Penrith Sandstone at Cliburn, Westmorland 
1975  S S D Foster and R I Crease  Nitrate pollution of Chalk groundwater in East Yorkshire? A hydrogeological appraisal 
1974  E Morton*  A review of geology on the design and construction of impounding dams 
1971  J Ineson*  Development of groundwater resources in England and Wales 
1969  M F Kennard and J L Knill  Reservoirs on limestone with particular reference to the Cow Green scheme 
1957  E S Hibber  The hydrogeology of the Wirral peninsula 
1955  D Halton Thomson  Hydrogeological conditions in the Chalk at Compton, West Sussex (papers presented in 1921, 1931, 1938, 1941 and 1954) 
1949  A L Lyon  The hydrogeology of the Coventry district 
1942  F H Edmunds  Outlines of underground water supply in England and Wales 
1930  R C S Walters  The hydrogeology to the Chalk in England 

* denotes posthumous award

Guidance on the submission of nominations for 2020

Nominations should be made via the Whitaker Medal nomination form. This is a competitive process and to avoid potential disappointment the nominee should not be informed that they are being nominated.

The award will be presented at the Group’s AGM in November. From 2020, the medal will be awarded in recognition of longstanding service to the hydrogeology community. 

Those nominated do not have to be Fellows of the Society. The Awards Committee relies on the proposers to check the accuracy of the supporting information. By signing the nomination form, the proposers are confirming that, to the best of their knowledge, the details given in support of a nomination for an award are accurate.

The Awards Committee will check the eligibility of nominators and the nominee, including previous awards from the Geological Society. The proposer and seconder must not be from the same institution as the nominee.

All sections of the nomination form must be completed including the brief statement of no more than 500 words on why the nominee merits the award. The form must not exceed two sides, and attachments will not be considered. The form must be finally be signed and dated (electronic signatures are acceptable).

For readability the nomination form must be typed in 10 point Arial font and must be submitted as a Word file.