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Guidelines for speakers

The Geological Society Discussion Group was formed in 2016 as a specialist group of the Society. It had its origins in the Dining Club, founded in 1807.

Speakers are guests of the Discussion Group; they introduce a subject at the beginning of the meal, usually on a topical matter of which they have some knowledge. This introduction should not be more than 10 minutes. The speaker then participates in the discussion that follows during or after dinner.

The topic should be decided well in advance and will be advertised. It should be of sufficient breadth that it sparks discussion throughout our membership of geologists from varied disciplines. We encourage discussion on controversial matters of interest to the geological community and to the Society. We also encourage speakers to talk about the 'social' side of a subject, for instance, who were the people who first worked on the subject and what sparked their interest?

The aim of the meeting is to have a lively discussion, NOT a lecture, so we do not have any facility for showing slides. However, speakers may bring a specimen to hand around the table, or if an image or diagram is essential to understanding, a paper copy can be handed around the table.

A summary of each discussion is posted on the GSDG section of the Society's website, together with any illustrations provided by the speakers. 

Most Discussions take place at the University Women's Club in Audley Square, London, but the December meeting usually takes place at the Athenaeum (dress code jacket and tie for men).