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NWRG Survey

What is the highest level of (geology based) education you have completed? Please select all that apply

Are you a current member of the Geological Society?

How long have you been a member of the Geological Society?

Are you a member of any other Societies?

Are you a Chartered Geologist?

If you are not chartered, are you actively looking to become chartered?

If you are chartered, would you consider being a mentor for Fellows pursuing Chartership?

Which of these facilities do you utilise from the Society? (please select all that apply)

Do you consider yourself an active member of the North West Regional Group (NWRG)

Do you regularly attend NWRG meetings?

If no, is there any particular reason? Please select all the apply

Are you aware that attendance and participation in lectures is considered as CPD which may be used for the purpose of chartership?

Do you attend field trips?

If no, is there a reason for not attending? (please select all that apply)

Are you a member of the NWRG social network services? (please select all that apply)