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Educational resources and links

British Geology

  • British Geological Survey Timechart (an education resource)
  • BGS rock classification scheme: An integrated scheme for rock classification suitable for both field and laboratory use. The scheme is divided into four volumes covering the igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks, sediments and sedimentary rocks, and artificial ground and natural superficial deposits.
  • UK Holostratigraphy: Holostratigraphy is the integration of a wide range of geological data about particular geological intervals into a single accessible format. These use digital technology to arrange geological information in a way that allows the user to see how diverse subject matter is inter-related.
  • UK geological maps from the British Geological Survey in paper form.
  • Downloadable UK-onshore digital geological maps from the British Geological Survey. More detail is explained on this pdf flyer.
  • Ian west Geology of the Wessex Coast, Southern England. A good introduction to the background and field sites of the Permian to Palaeogene of southern Britain
  • Geoscenic images at the British Geological Survey. Large collection of photographs of landscape and geology, searchable by topics.
Timescales and practice