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Educational Resources and Links

British Geology: seeing and experiencing

  • British Geological Survey Timechart (education resource)
  • 100 best British geological sites
  • UK Holostratigraphy: Holostratigraphy is the integration of a wide range of geological data about particular geological intervals into a single accessible format. These use digital technology to arrange geological information in a way that allows the user to see how diverse subject matter is inter-related.
  • Ian west Geology of the Wessex Coast, Southern England. A good introduction to the background and field sites of the Permian to Palaeogene of southern England
  • Geoscenic images at the British Geological Survey. Large collection of photographs of landscape and geology, searchable by topics.
  • Geological excursions and walks in Scotland (an excellent set of detailed guides).
  • Geology in UK and Ireland organised on the Earthwise website
  • Geologist Association field guides to UK geology
  • Geological Conservation and Review Series (detailed information on important UK sites and sections), along with a list of sites protected for their geology.
  • Special Issues of the Proceedings of the Geologists' Association.
  • Field Guide to the Silurian of the English-Welsh Borders

If planning to collect material from UK sites you should first obtain the permission of the landowner, and if a protected site seek guidance first from either Natural England or Scottish Natural Heritage or Natural Resources Wales or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Timescales and practice