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Books currently available for review by Fellows

(Fellows of the Society only please!) 

Please note, due to the current closure of Burlington House, there may be delays with providing books for review. Please contact for information.

  • NEW! Introducing Palaeontology: A Guide to Ancient Life (2nd Edition), by Patrick N Wyse Jackson, Dunedin Academic Press 2019, 160pp, pbk. 
  • NEW! Introducing Hydrogeology, by Nicholas Robins, Dunedin Academic Press 2020, 150pp, pbk.
  • NEW! Scotland's Mountain Landscapes: A Geomorphological Perspective, by Colin K. Ballantyne, Dunedin Academic Press 2019, 183pp, hbk.
  • NEW! The Western Highlands of Scotland, by Con Gillen, Dunedin Academic Press 2019, 284pp. 
  • NEW! Breakthroughs in Geology: Ideas that transformed Earth science, by Graham Park, Dunedin Academic Press 2019, 279pp hbk. 
  • The Museum Building of Trinity College Dublin: A Model of Victorian Craftsmanship, by Christine Casey & Patrick Wyse Jackson (Eds), Four Courts Press 2020, 386pp, hbk.
  • Introducing Large Rivers, by Avijit Gupta, Olav Slaymaker and Wolfgang J. Junk, Wiley Blackwell 2020, 288pp, pbk. 
  • Rivers in the Landscape, by Ellen Wohl, Wiley Blackwell 2020, 500pp, pbk. 
  • Paleozoic Plays of NW Europe, by A.A. Monaghan et al. (eds), Geological Society of London SP 471 2019, 398 pp. hbk.
  • Development of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs: The Theory, Key Technologies and Practice of Hydrocarbon Development, by Qiquan Ran, Dong Ren & Yongjun Wang, Elsevier (Petroleum Industry Press, Gulf Professional Publishing) 2019, 1066 pp. Pbk.
  • Plant Flow Measurement and Control Handbook: Fluid, Solid, Slurry and Multiphase Flow, by Swapan Basu, Elsevier Academic Press 2018, 1288 pp. hbk.