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The 20th Glossop Medal

The Engineering Group’s 20th Glossop Medal is awarded to D. Jean Hutchinson, reports Lee Taylor.

The Engineering Group of the Geological Society helps advance the study and understanding of the field of engineering geology. In addition to the numerous events organised by the committee throughout the year, they also organise the Glossop Lecture. Initiated as the most prestigious lecture on the Engineering Group calendar, it is presented to an eminent engineering geologist and highlights their contributions to the application of engineering geology to civil engineering.

This year, the Glossop Medal is awarded to D. Jean Hutchinson, Professor of Geological Engineering at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. Professor Hutchinson will present the Glossop Lecture on ‘Building slope process models considering engineering geology: Extending our understanding, interpretation and communication of instability using remotely sensed data’, on the 13th November 2019 at the Royal Institution. 

The Glossop Lecture will be preceded by the 23rd Glossop Award presentation, which is a prestigious award made annually to an outstanding young engineering geologist or geo-environmentalist. This year’s award will be given to Thomas St. John, who will present on ‘Communication of Risk and Opportunity in Engineering Geology’. 

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Attendance of both the Glossop Medal and Award lectures is free (with no booking required), but registration is required for the Glossop Reception. Tickets for the reception meal can be purchased here: