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Lord becomes Chartered


Alan Lord, External Affairs Secretary, has decided to become a CGeol in his 70s.  Why?

Picture: Alan Lord (and below so you'll know him again) with Ampelosaurus.  Just being a dinosaur doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move with the times.

Alan Lord writes: The Geological Society I joined 50 years ago was a learned society that included a number of Fellows working in industry, of whom Peter Kent was a distinguished example, but most were academics of one sort or another. The world has moved on and following the merger with the Institution of Geologists the balance of the Fellowship between academic and industry has shifted steadily towards the latter, in part reflecting far greater career opportunities in applied geoscience these days.

Alan Lord ManuscriptRegulation of our professional activities has increased and academic qualifications are no longer sufficient for a practising Earth scientist - even if retired!  In becoming Chartered I hope to encourage my former students and present and past colleagues to themselves seek CGeol status.