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Distinguished Geologists' Trust


Bill Gaskarth invites applications for a former IG initiative to assist early-career geologists under the age of 30.

Geoscientist 21.08 September 2011

This Trust was established by the Institution of Geologists with monies donated in memory of Sir Peter Kent, Dan Ion and Robert H Cummings*. It acknowledges the significant contributions made by them to the science and profession of Geology in the UK and throughout the world.

The object of the Trust was to assist geologists in the early years of their career (under 30), and particularly those in industry, with professional development (by contributing to travel costs or towards gaining experience in appropriate ways). Since the merger with the IG, the Society has endeavoured to maintain the original objectives of the Trust and intends to award a limited number of bursaries each year, worth up to £2000 apiece. Preference is given to Fellows working in industry who are applying - or preparing an application - for Chartership (CGeol or CSci). Applicants will need to demonstrate that the bursary will benefit their professional development.

Forms and further guidance are available on the website at Applications should be accompanied by a statement of no more than 1000 words describing how the bursary will be used. You will also need two letters of support, one from a Chartered Fellow and one from your employer.

Applications should be sent to the Chartership Officer at the Society, by the end of April each year. The award will be made at President’s Day the following June.

* Dan Ion was the third President of IG, who died suddenly in 1985 while in office. Sir Peter Kent, President of the Society when the Association for Promotion of an Institution of Professional Geologists (APIPG) was established and himself a founder member of the IG, died shortly afterwards. Robert Cummings, who was the IG’s first President, was instrumental in establishing the Trust. When he too died, his name was added to the Trust’s description.