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Geological, not geotechnical competencies should be demonstrated, advises Bill Gaskarth

Applications for CGeol by many engineering geologists still focus on geotechnical engineering and, similarly, many supporting documents are geotechnical engineering reports without reference to the geology underlying the projects. The title being applied for is Chartered Geologist—Scrutineers are looking for the demonstration of geological, not geotechnical competencies. Many applicants seem to ignore this. It is important for sponsors to advise applicants of the need to focus on their geological knowledge and its use.

The Application forms for CGeol, CSci and the 20+ years’ experience route have been updated and the new versions are now on the Society’s web site.


The Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental Training Scheme for Geoscientists has been accredited by the Society. It joins a growing list of accredited schemes that provide trainees with mentors and the opportunity to gain technical, professional skills and experience towards readiness for a Chartership application.

Progress is being made in discussions with representatives of the oil-and-gas industry towards the development of a competency management system for oilfield geoscientists. It is hoped that a training system might be accredited and professional competency register developed providing professional qualifications.


A few places are available on the Mentoring Workshop scheduled for October 19. Contact the Chartership Officer ( to book a place.